Southside Chi Leaders Demand Walmart Stay Open In Crime Haven


Walmart closed four of its eight stores in Chicago since they haven’t made money from them in 17 years. The problem is worsening due to crime, and they just can’t support these stores in dangerous and unprofitable areas any longer. The local leaders demand the store in Chatham remains open even though they, the local leaders, haven’t stopped the looting and assaults.

Book Club Chicago filmed local leaders outside of Chatham’s Walmart demanding the store stay open, two days after corporate officials announced they’d close the store this weekend. A pharmacy at the location will be closed May 12. Neighbors received a 5-day notice.

The local leaders and their fan club members who act as an audience cheering them on are ill-informed or liars.


LOCAL LEADER (Lamont Robinson): We have healthcare deserts. We have food deserts.

FANS: Yes, Yes, Sir.

LOCAL LEADER:  And we wonder why.

FANS:  Yes, Sir.

LOCAL LEADER:  Our communities look like they look every single day. It is just not on us. It is on the corporate citizens that come into our community and ravage our community. And Walmart, you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. You are the reason that our communities lack the investment that they have. We should not have to go out of our communities to find jobs …we should not have to go out of our communities to get any medicine… we should not go out of our communities to be able to shop. And we should be able to do all of this in our community right here. We deserve, we deserve to be able to shop…

FANS: Yes, sir. Yay. Yes.

LOCAL LEADER:  …in our own community

They can’t believe what they’re saying, can they?

They did make one good point. Walmart forced the closing of Mom & Pops. Small brick and mortar stores will have to reopen if they can handle the crime.

The fans are probably paid, but who knows? As for the corporations, they’re leaving because their people are committing too many crimes, from stealing to assault to murder. Work on that LOCAL LEADERS.

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