Space Force General Can’t Get the Best Candidates for an Odd Reason


Charlie Kirk tweeted a clip of Space Force General DeAnna Burt fretting over 400 so-called anti-LGBTQ state laws. She claims, WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE, that she is forced to hire “less-qualified” candidates. Does that mean straight men?

Kirk says, “I’m sure it has nothing to do with: Constantly shoving this woke garbage down our thoughts. Or discharging healthy young cadets who refused to take an experimental shot Or perhaps backing dumb wars in Ukraine. So glad Republicans wanted to give more $$ to our woke Armed Forces that demonizes Red State America for protecting kids from being mutilated.”

How are anti-child mutilation laws keeping her from hiring LGBTQIA2SSAA+ Pride individuals? Can we see the stats on that?

We can’t get the best candidates because Biden’s military constantly attacks men. China and Russia must have a good laugh at this lunacy.

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