Speaker McCarthy Defends Tucker Carlson


Speaker McCarthy defended Tucker Carlson after the Senate and other critics claimed he was “a threat to democracy.” The California Republican said transparency was his priority.

A CNN reporter gave a lengthy introduction to his question, claiming Tucker downplayed the violence and Officer Sicknick’s death.

Tucker didn’t. Carlson showed the other side of the J6 intrusion into the Capitol. To borrow a Democrat and media phrase referencing Antifa and BLM, it was a mostly peaceful trespassing event. As for Officer Sicknick, Tucker did not downplay his death. He said he didn’t die from the events of January 6, and the media and the J6 panel lied about it.

Any regrets?

The reporter got to the point and asked Speaker McCarthy if he regretted giving Tucker the footage “so he can whitewash the events of that day.”

Speaker McCarthy said, “no,” that at the very beginning, he wanted transparency. “So what I wanted to produce for everybody is exactly what I said. That people could actually look at it and see what’s going on… each person can come up with their own conclusion… I just wanted to make sure I had transparency….”

A reporter asked if this was part of the deal to become Speaker.

McCarthy said, “no…it was not…the answer is no, and if you follow, I’m not sure if you were there the times before when I got asked the question and expressed what I would do in the process. I’ve watched the January 6th committee, how it was only political …the minority side wasn’t allowed to put people on, and I just thought it was fair [to have] someone asking the questions, just transparency.

“So … I worked with the capitol police. I asked them for any clips … they had concerns about – on the security level. Only one of the clips did, and we were able to change that.

CNN compromised security

“An interesting thing, the Capitol Police told us when we went through this, is [sic] that the January 6 committee never asked them about that the security. So, that’s why they showed, unfortunately, Vice President Pence when he was being escorted out. They … never asked the Capitol Police if that’s showing security clearance that they shouldn’t [show]

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