Speaker Pelosi Is Hiding Her J6 Correspondence


With President Biden failing miserably in his first year in office, the Democrats are running on J6 and destroying Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Speaker Pelosi is hiding her J6 correspondence, and she is responsible for security at the Capitol.

That’s a very big story, but it is being ignored by the media.

Speaker Pelosi and Capitol police refused 10,000 National Guard. Pelosi is said to be obstructing records related to security preparedness of the Capitol from the Sergeant-at-Arms, the Chief Administrative Officer, and the House General Counsel, all of whom, Davis said, report to Pelosi.

Speaker Pelosi, not Donald Trump, is responsible for security at the Capitol, but she did not secure the Capitol, despite warnings.

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) stated that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) shared blame for the riot that occurred on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol.

Stefanik, who serves as House GOP Conference chair, released a statement on the eve of the Capitol breach’s anniversary, thanking law enforcement for their work to control the riotous behavior but condemning Pelosi for ultimately being the one “responsible” for leaving the Capitol prone to attack.

Stefanik called it “unacceptable” that despite Pelosi’s partisan nine-person investigatory committee persisting with its probe into the riot, “one year later the American people still do not have answers as to why the Capitol was left so vulnerable.”

Stefanik said about the committee targeting former President Donald Trump, “Rather than focusing on improving the security of the Capitol and adopting all the recommendations from the U.S. Capitol Police, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are instead using their illegitimate partisan sham of a committee to shred Constitutional precedent and punish their political opponents,”

Capitol from the Sergeant-at-Arms, the Chief Administrative Officer, and the House General Counsel, all of whom, Davis said, report to Pelosi.

Stefanik on Wednesday also reiterated that the January 6 committee has essentially deemed Pelosi exempt from blame for the riot, despite Pelosi’s history of overseeing security-related actions of the Capitol like installing magnetometers, holding a briefing on security preparedness ahead of a September 18 rally, and limiting Capitol visitation because of coronavirus.

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5 months ago

Maybe they’re with Hillary’s e-mails.

5 months ago

This is what the Cover Up is all about, protecting Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional leaders. When Nancy Pelosi refused the aid, the 10,000 troops offered by President Troop, Nancy Pelosi created a situation where President Trump couldn’t Constitutionally send troops to the Capitol due to the Separation of Government Powers. It is now clear that Nancy Pelosi refused those Troops because they would have stopped the Democrat Authorized Black Op to try and frame Patriots and Trump Voters as insurrectionist. The threat to the Nation is not Patriots. it’s the bought and sold Traitors who are running the Government. Almost everyone of the key players in the Federal Government have Family members with “Close Ties to the Communist Chinese”; Traitor Joe’s Son, Nancy Pelosi’s Husband, and Mitch McConnell’s Wife’s Father. For some reason Chuck Schumer is scared to death of the Intel Community. I suspect that Kevin McCarthy has skeletons in his closet and is careful not to cross the Intel Community Bureaucracy. For one reason or another, the whole top tier of the US Government is totally compromised and I suspect the CCP is the Puppet Master behind it.

We need to throw the baby out with the bathwater in 2022 and replace the politicians with Patriotic Businessmen who have earned their wealth the old fashion way, and are too rich to be bribed. America is not a Communist Nation and we need true Capitalist running our Government again. Shakespeare was right, First Kill all the Lawyers (Politically). Lawyers can’t exist without Government, so as politicians they are greatly compromised as Big Government, ridiculous Laws, and mountains of Regulation benefits them while hurting the Average Taxpaying American. The latest polls are showing that over 80% of the working Americans, the people who make America work, are not happy with the Traitor Joe Regime. The Regime needs to be replaced with Patriots who will get the Deep State Bureaucracy under control. Those People are by and Large going to be successful “Small” Businessmen who the Democrats are trying to destroy!

5 months ago

Pelosi doesn’t need to hide her correspondence. The J6 Select Committee of Trump haters would never subpoena anything from the bitch that chose them to harass Trump supporters.