Speaker Pelosi spent today commemorating Women’s Equality Day


Speaker Nancy Pelosi was meeting to discuss Women’s Equality Day as soldiers and Afghans were murdered and as women are kidnapped, beaten, killed, and totally subjugated in Afghanistan. Could she be any more tone-deaf?

She tried to ignore the disaster that her administration brought about until just before 4:30 pm EST. It took her hours because she doesn’t have empathy. She only cares about ideology, not people.

What God does this woman pray to? This went up about 4:25, hours after the horror in Kabul.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
10 months ago

This whole administration is like watching F-Troop on steroids. You’ve got Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Blinken, Austin, Mille, Mayorkis and many others. It’s a barrel of woke clowns.

Historic Gourmet Ice Cream Czar
Historic Gourmet Ice Cream Czar
10 months ago

Has San Fran Nan heard about the learn to cook hashtag after the Taliban beheaded a woman who wasn’t very handy with the culinary arts?
She was too busy with the ice cream and the $20,000 icebox?