Lara Logan blasts administration: brilliant and terrifyingly accurate


Lara Logan has been trying to get people in Afghanistan to safety and has been in the thick of it. She said, “you’ve literally seen nothing like it.” People are going out to rescue Americans and their own government is trying to stop them.

She said there is nothing like it, not the beaches, or Normandy or Pearl Harbor. Americans stood up for what was right then. It’s still the case for the military but not for the State Department or the administration. They could obliterate the terrorist leadership right now, but they won’t do it.

They have lied about our tremendous military — take Lloyd Austin who insulted them.

Americans always went into the world knowing they tried to do the right thing, although they knew they weren’t perfect. We can’t now. We are evil now and people should go to prison, she believes. Right now, people are rotting in prison and they didn’t even commit a crime on January 6th.

No one stole victory from us, we surrendered. We gave it to the Taliban, al Qaeda, and every enemy of the world. We took away the certainty that you can count on us. We are now weak with no moral authority on the world stage.

Logan said there is no timeline. We are imposing a false timeline.

On 9/11, the US will allow the same terrorists who killed Americans to kill more Americans. They were allowed to do that on 9/11/2012 in Benghazi. It’s the same thing now. After Benghazi, Obama and his administration spent the next several years demeaning the US as Islamophobes, she continued.

Americans should be in the streets. The administration only fears the power of the people. That’s why they are branding us as terrorists.

There’s more.


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