WOKE General Milley’s abysmal advice on Bagram


“Bagram is not necessary, tactically or operationally for what we are going to try to do here with Afghanistan,” said Mark Milley.

Milley was too busy worrying about fake ‘white rage.’ What about Taly-ban rage? When Milley said this, did he ever think of the fact that there would be no way out except a commercial airport? What is wrong with him?


Milley is the one who said the Taliban isn’t blocking Americans and others from getting to the airport when they clearly were. Both he and WOKE Defense Secretary Austin, who bashed our military as disloyal Nazis, blamed the Afghans for the misery they wrought.

You can’t blame Milley. He was busy targeting Trumpsters and renaming military bases while all this went down.

Ben Domenech of The Federalist recently recounted all of Milley’s many errors

General Mark Milley presided over the daily rollout of the Army Combat Fitness Test which was a misguided effort to compel the entire army to do CrossFit.  He ignored numerous voices who told him not to implement the new test. The ACFT is now a byword for leadership myopia.

He tried to stonewall a report on the army’s performance in the Iraq War to keep the army’s mistakes from being aired.  He only relented after public pressure that “never should have been necessary.”

Milley presided over a historic recruiting crisis.

The General will likely preside over the military’s defeat in Afghanistan, and aiding in the fall of Kabul to The Taliban, and the massacres thereafter.

Milley undermined the constitutional authority of the President following the infamous clearance of Lafayette Square which we know had nothing to do with the President. It was preplanned. Yet, Milley came out and apologized for standing next to the President despite knowing the truth.

Our leader of the Joint Chiefs oversaw and defended the failed and slow response of the National Guard to protect the Capitol on January 6th.  He claimed the response was “super-fast and sprint-speed.” It earned him the derision of the Speaker of the House.

This should have sent him out the door but as a DC swamp critter, as long as one stays in the good graces of the right people, the person keeps climbing the ladder.

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1 year ago

Obviously Milley and the other Generals don’t know what a General does. This is what happens when you have Generals who are politicians instead of Generals. The US Military does need a purging, but it’s the Officers, O-5 and above, that need to go and there needs to be a reorientation of Training to that of Destroying The Enemy in ALL our Military Colleges. We need to purge the Liberal Losers from the Military, not the Patriots. For over 50 years we have tried this Nation Building crap and it don’t work. According to Freud, continuing to do this is a clear sign of Insanity. The State Department needs to stay out of the Military’s way until a war is won and the Country is under Military Occupation and Control for at least 3 years after an unconditional surrender. The Congress needs to do it’s job and commit the Nation to All out War; I don’t see anything about “Police Action” in the Constitution.

1 year ago

Bret Baeir says after covering the Pentagon for years he can’t believe the military would have advised such a policy. The same with the other host. Evidently none of those on Fox have seen the video, Or, Greg Kelly’s video of all the Generals. But I daresay it’s somewhat like CNN being complicit in murder. They all want their “access”.

1 year ago

What part of the Taliban’s “Fight those who do not believe in Allah” doesn’t the general understand?!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Just because Biden was installed does not mean Milley stops undermining America.

The closing of Bagram was necessary for what Milley and others were trying to do in Afghanistan, damage US interests.

There is no congressional oversight, any hearings will be shams, including if Mitch and Kevin ran the houses.

Meaner Than A Rattler
Meaner Than A Rattler
1 year ago

@ Greg,

Paging the photochoppers, make this happen!
Oh the Lulz of the Welcome Back Jimmeh Carta abomination that no one was asking for other than some commie RAT POS on Martha’s Vineyard and the dirty shit hippie Barnie Sandlers.
Is that mean? Who the F’ cares.