St. Patrick’s Holds Reparations Mass After Evil Funeral


The pastor of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City performed a Mass of Reparation over the weekend after a funeral for a trans activist prompted outrage from Catholics for its sacrilegious performance.

Pastor Enrique Salvo held a mass of reparations, the next best thing to an exorcism.

The pastor was tricked into holding a Satanic-like mass for an atheistic transgender activist.

Cecilia Gentili, a man calling himself a woman, was a former prostitute who was once addicted to drugs and jailed at Rikers Island.  Gentili appeared on TV, performed Off-Broadway, and became a well-known advocate for the transgender community, sex workers, and HIV/AIDS patients, according to The New York Times.

Gentili reportedly identified as an atheist.

According to footage of Gentili’s that circulated on social media, raucous applause erupted throughout the service as eulogists repeatedly referred to Gentili as “Saint Cecilia, mother of whores,” cross-dressing actor Billy Porter sang a song by Whitney Houston, a reader prayed for transgender healthcare, and an attendee danced down around the casket and down the aisle.

How lovely.

The Daily Mail reports there was a picture near the altar showing a haloed Gentili surrounded by the Spanish words for ‘transvestite,’ ‘whore,’ ‘blessed,’ and ‘mother’ above the text of Psalm 25.

Male sex worker gives a eulogy for another male, Cecilia.

Why are we taking in these activists, jobless, illegal alien sex workers who trick the pastor of our sacred cathedral into holding a vile ceremony?

These people are sick.

How about closing the border instead of bringing in atheist, Satanist, and transgender criminal drug addicts? Is that too radical for me to say?

This man, Gentili, mocked God.

AOC was heartbroken, just in case you think she’s sane.

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