Our Reps Plan to Reward Migrants After Border Bill Fails


Our political representatives are doing everything possible to dismantle the United States. They just sponsored the Courage to Serve Act, allowing illegal aliens to “protect” our country and get on the fast track to citizenship. It’s a pilot program. This follows the failed border bill.

In turn, this legislation offers expedited processing and application assistance to immigrants.

The US military, emphasis US.

Qualified migrants could apply for lawful permanent residency within 180 days of enlisting in the military. That’s the quick path to citizenship. It’s also the perfect route for our enemies to take.

According to Ryan, the military services collectively missed recruiting goals by roughly 41,000 last year, leaving some crucial positions unfilled.

“If there are folks with a courage to raise their right hand, take an oath to protect and defend our Constitution, and put their lives on the line for this country, then they sure as hell deserve the opportunity to be citizens in the United States of America,” Ryan said.

Instead of patriots, we will have illegal aliens with no connection to our history or values. This is an insult to those who have served and serve now. This is because they don’t want to fix the damage they’ve done by trashing white men and forcing gender ideology down everyone’s throats.

Democrat Pat Ryan and Republican John James sponsor it. That’s their reward for coming into the country illegally.

“The legislation addresses two challenges facing the United States: an influx of migrants looking to work, build a better life for their families, and contribute to our country, as well as a recruitment crisis within the ranks of our Armed Forces,” according to a release first shared with the Washington Examiner.

Instead of securing the border, this is what our political leaders think is a good idea.

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