Staff Left for the Night with Plaguey Protesters Glued to the Floor, Lights and Heat Turned Off


“Staff simply left, turning off the heat and lights rather than calling the police.”
Climate protesters glued themselves to a Porsche museum but needed to go potty. Oh well!

Climate activists have made pests of themselves in Europe for months. “Just Stop Oil in the UK has created disruptions everywhere from major highways to the British Formula 1 Grand Prix, and more recently, they threw tomato soup on a Van Gogh painting at the National Gallery in London,” reports Autoblog.

Climate protesters glued to the floor

They glue and chain themselves all over the place, authorities come, and publicity follows. The employees of a VW museum used a different approach from most. They turned off the heat, shut off the lights, and left.

The UK outlet Express, likely sick of this happening on its own shores and not inclined to be charitable, wrote that the protestors “pleaded for medical treatment because their hands were sore and moaned that they couldn’t go to the toilet.” The paper interviewed one protester who said of the staff, “They refused our request to provide us with a bowl to urinate and defecate in a decent manner while we are glued,” and, “We can’t order our food, we must use the one provided by Volkswagen. Lights off. Random unannounced checks by security guards with bright torches.”

Express left out that it could interview a protester because he’d been removed over a potential medical issue and was being held by police. The remaining eight protesters, along with six Scientist Rebellion members who weren’t glued, stayed in place through the night to Friday morning. The most recent post on the outfit’s Twitter page at the time of writing said police had arrived in the morning to arrest everyone.

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