Stalinism Is Here, Totalitarianism Is Here, It’s Time to Rise Up


Totalitarianism is here. Stalinism is here.

Our Bill of Rights is under attack each and every day. Bill O’Reilly has an article up on his website worth reading about this very issue and it’s titled, ‘The Stalinists Are Here‘.

They are here and have been here for decades. The Totalitarians are everywhere around us and they have already taken to force and violence.

In his article, O’Reilly brings up several examples. One was a recent incident with the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, a liberal man himself. The Stalinists told him to pull the National Rifle Association’s video channel from Apple’s streaming platform or he would suffer consequences.

He courageously refused and reportedly said, “Democracy without discourse is not a democracy.” [We are a Constitutional Republic]


The Stalinists are not interested in democracy [Republic], although they claim it’s their goal. Boycotts, threats, evil organizations like the Soros-Brock Media Matters and communist Van Jones’ The Color of Change attack our freedom of expression and our right to defend ourselves each and every day. It’s non-stop.

The media allows them to act freely and even supports them in their quest for complete control. They hate conservatives, God, tradition, and family because those values stand between them and their ultimate goal of State supremacy.

The so-called free press are fools and they will rue the day. For example, Antifa includes classical liberals on their list of Nazis who need to be silenced.

First, they came for the conservatives

O’Reilly wrote in his article that “Recently, the dean of the CUNY law school in Manhattan, Mary Lu Bilek, told students that preventing a conservative professor from speaking is itself “free speech.” That’s insane and destructive.”

It’s also typical of the hard-left mindset.

The attacks from the far-left are furiously focused on the right and even the center or anyone who doesn’t walk in lockstep. The assault is incessant, coming from many different directions. That is the work of Totalitarians.

It is the reason the right is being silenced on social media. It is happening and it is real.

The viciousness, intensity, and relentlessness from the left is only the beginning.

We need to rise up. It’s well past time.

O’Reilly discussed the Stalinists with Glenn Beck Friday. He mistakenly said Bernie Goldberg coined the term ‘Stalinists’, but other than that, they make some good points.

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