Stanford Walk Out on President’s Graduation Speech


On June 16, 2024, over 400 Stanford University students and their families walked out of the commencement ceremony during President Richard Saller’s speech. It was a spectacle as they marched out. No one at Stanford was waving a US flag.

The walkout was a protest for Palestine/Hamas, demanding divestment from Israel and protesting the shutdown of a 120-day sit-in for Gaza.

The most ridiculous part is when Students waved Palestinian flags and wore keffiyehs in support of the Hamas cause.

Their families went with them, pointing to the obvious. They’re pro-Hamas, also.

Many of the youth at Occupy Wall Street appeared to be mentally ill. These communists and terrorists infiltrating the protests could be exploiting emotionally disturbed youth.

This is what they are fighting for:

Last week, this man was encouraging vulnerable youth to become suicide bombers and take down the US outside the White House.

Watch the entire clip here.


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