Biden Shuffled Off Stage Hand-in-Hand with Obama, $30M Richer


Biden robotically soaked up the applause at his $30 million fundraiser last night and held hands with Obama as he shuffled off.  Some say he froze, so leftist influencers posted another clip that looked like it was missing a few frames, but in that one, he appeared to be soaking up the exaggerated applause.

The applause and standing ovation is for the Marxist who has us on the brink of World War, has destroyed our sovereignty, is bankrupting our nation, is quickly losing the dollar as the reserve currency (our standard of living will go down), pushes unnecessary surgeries and drugs on children, forces absurd pronouns on the military, and makes us look like fools on the world stage.

Whatever the case in the clip debate, we know he needs guidance to get around and often gets confused about where he is and who he is with. It is also true that one president doesn’t usually need another president to hold his hand and then put his arm around him as he shuffles off stage.

This is not normal.

Another interesting fact is that they only had one pool reporter at the fundraiser, and he was asked to leave for about 18 minutes. No one knows what happened during that time.

Will Democrats replace him? They will if they think they can’t cheat enough to get Joe to the winner’s circle.

If he wasn’t dazed then, he sure was dazed here:

Let me be the first to say you must not believe your lying eyes. He is not in the throes of an advancing stage of dementia.

Worse than any of this is how he is destroying us.

The Left won’t talk about policy. They will only talk about abortion and threats to democracy. They keep losing at the Supreme Court because they don’t care about democracy. It’s not the Justice’s fault. It’s always about them having all the power. That’s why they are bringing millions of dependent people across the border. They are even registering them to vote.

The administration ignores the Supreme Court’s ruling on the giveaway for college tuition and then brags about it.

In Cargill, the Court ruled the ATF can’t change the definition of a machine gun. I guess Congress could try.

In Dobbs, the Court knocked down Roe. As Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, It was a terribly decided decision.

The undemocratic Democrats are a threat to democracy (Republic).

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