Starbucks Could Turn Into a Dump Over Their New Bathroom Policy


Recently, some leftist troublemakers were hanging out in a Philadelphia Starbucks without buying anything. They tried to use the bathroom after loitering for 20 minutes or so. The store policy was only patrons can use the bathroom. The troublemakers were black and they were there with other leftists simply to start fake racist propaganda.

The CEO running Starbucks catered to the leftists and changed their bathroom policy. They fired the poor manager who was the real victim. All she did was follow school policy. Starbucks might be getting what they deserve.

Their stores are now accessible to the homeless drug addicts who use the bathrooms to shoot up.

They have to remove the trashcans from the bathrooms in some stores.

Managers and baristas regularly deal with a range of problems in the restrooms, from drug use to defecation outside the toilets, according to some current and former employees, the Wall Street Journal reports.

“Drug use wasn’t happening in the bathroom every day, but it was definitely something that was happening once a week. The cops were called a lot,” said Darrion Sjoquist, 21 years old, who worked as a barista at a Seattle Starbucks two years ago.

Once, when he was taking out the bathroom trash, he said he was pricked by a hypodermic needle. He and other Seattle employees asked to equip bathrooms with sharp containers.

Via Wall Street Journal

One current barista at a Starbucks in New York City said drug use in the bathrooms is a frequent occurrence.

A former Starbucks facilities manager who oversaw several urban stores on the East Coast said those cafes had special kits on hand with rubber gloves, tongs and a box that store employees could use to dispose of needles, adding that employees often found small drops of blood splattered across the toilet and walls.

When bodily fluids or drug paraphernalia are found in bathrooms, employees aren’t expected to clean up, the Starbucks spokesman said.

According to one survey, they aren’t that bad, coming in number 20 out of 62 but their new policy has only just begun.

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