Next up, Starving Unvaxxed Aussies? Supermarket Bans the Unvaxxed!


A supermarket in an Australian resort has banned unvaccinated shoppers – despite grocery shopping being classified as an essential service, The Mirror UK reports.

The ‘vaccines’ don’t stop the spread so why the mandate?

Grocery chain IGA has announced the move in its Yulara store in the Northern Territory, which is located inside the Ayers Rock Resort.

IGA is a popular group of grocery shops with around 1,455 outlets across Australia.

The decision to refuse un-jabbed customers in the Yulara store comes after the Northern Territory introduced a new vaccine pass system on January 10.

The new rules mean anyone over the age of 16 now has to show proof of a double vaccination to enter “high risk” hospitality settings.

Will this idea spread and will Aussies starve people? It’s a natural progression in a Stalinist regime. The image of the friendly, freedom-loving Aussie with rugged men, surrounded by crocodiles and Koalas, as they throw a steak on the barbie is no more.

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enn ess
enn ess
2 years ago

Different players same playbook. This is the same crap Stalin pulled back during his reign of terror in the 1920-40’s when the famine hit. Collectivization of farmlands and confiscation of a high % of grain & ag production followed by a greater % of grain & ag production the following year confiscating even seed stocks thereby limiting even further to ability to produce more. China did the same during the 1940’s after total communist takeover. Amounting to forced starvation of certain classes of people simply because they have a different viewpoint. This game can and soon will be played by both sides. Soon as the Aussies wake up and start growing a spine.