State Dept. Runs With Hamas Terrorists’ Allegations of Israeli Abuse


Biden’s State Department denied a report that an official accused the IDF of “systematically” raping Palestinian women during their war in Gaza.

The Jerusalem Post reported that IDF Brig.-Gen. (res.) Amir Avivi stated:

IDF Brig.-Gen. (res.) Amir Avivi met with the holder of the Israeli-Palestinian portfolio at the US State Department, who accused Israel of “systematically” sexually abusing Palestinian woman, the general explained in an interview on 103FM.

Recounting his meeting, he explained, “It was a meeting that shook me. We sat there, talked about the situation, and suddenly she accused Israel of systematically sexually abusing Palestinian women.”

“This is absolutely disconnected from reality. But without hesitation, she said, ‘The UN presented evidence to the Israeli government.’ I told her, ‘Does it make sense that this phenomenon would exist and the media would never have reported on it?’ I wanted there to be greater awareness… about what is really happening in the US State Department. In the end, I left there with the feeling that they simply don’t talk to us and don’t pass on any information.”

If you read through the IDF general’s comments and compare them to the State’s, you might come to the conclusion I came to. The US State Department is sleazy and lying.

The State Department denied the report, saying it was “inaccurate,” but U.S. diplomats have nonetheless raised the issue more broadly in their meetings with Israel.

The State Department said they take all reports seriously and Israel must investigate. The claims are of alleged abuse during the raid at Al-Shifa hospital. The information came from HAMAS TERRORISTS!

The claims were based on information from Hamas terrorists and ultimately proved to be false, according to Al Jazeera columnist Yasser Abuhilalah, who tweeted about the controversy earlier this week.

This is the fake story, and it’s something Hamas would do, not Israel.

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