Fairfax County Declares Easter as Transgender Visibility Day


Last week, Democrats on Fairfax County‘s board of supervisors voted to designate Easter Sunday as Transgender Visibility Day. It’s also Transgender Visibility Day in Calgary.

The Fairfax proclamation goes far beyond the intent of making transgender people and gender ideology activists visible.

Chairman Jeff McKay, a Democrat, said, “As an elected official, it should be our moral responsibility to stand up for all people that we represent, not just the people we like or the people we agree with.”

He could have chosen any day.

They hijacked a Christian holiday to promote a Marxist-based ideology. They are doing more than saying Christians don’t matter. They’re undermining the day our savior rose from the dead.

The Fairfax Board of Supervisors voted 9-0 in favor of the proclamation last week.

Rev. Emma Chattin of Transgender Education Association praised the decision, asserting that visibility can be “a heroic thing.”

The Washington Examiner put it this way:

“Aside from the inappropriateness of Transgender Visibility Day being on Easter this year, the resolution seems unnecessary in Fairfax County. The transgender activist community does not have a visibility problem in northern Virginia. But it does appear to have a narcissism problem. Fairfax County School Board, for example, has designated June as LGBT Pride Month and October as LGBT History Month. The community gets two full months of celebration in our district’s schools. Apparently, that just wasn’t enough.”

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