The State Is Coming for Your Newborn! OR Is First with Universal Home Visits


Oregon Governor Kate Brown introduced a new bill that will allow in-home inspections and ‘guidance’ of the families of newborn babies. It is another costly Big Brother initiative to butt into the lives of every family with a newborn in Oregon.

Brown introduced Senate Bill 526 to the Oregon Legislative Assembly as part of her budget package. The budget allows Oregon Health Authority personnel to look into or “study home visiting by licensed health care providers.”


They describe it as an “emergency” to preserve “the public peace, health, and safety.”

“This 2019 Act being necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, and safety, an emergency is declared to exist, and this 2019 Act takes effect on its passage,” according to the bill.

It’s an emergency, suggesting it will be required, with no opt-out, and who knows where the buttinskys could eventually take this.

The study must be completed by December 2019. The Governor and 18 others sponsoring the bill want it to result in universal home visits for all newborns, including adoptions.

That’s a remarkable 18 sponsors!


All parents would receive a series of two or three visits by someone like a health care practitioner. The visits could include basic health screenings for babies; hooking parents up with primary care physicians; linking them to other services; and coordinating the childhood immunizations that babies need.”

Oregon Health Authority’s director, Patrick Allen, told the Beaverton Valley Times that he’s ecstatic. “This isn’t something for people in trouble. This is stuff all kids need. Stuff my kids needed,” he said, calling it a “six-year investment.”

Programs requiring taxes are “investments” in liberal/leftist lingo.

Every child will get this ‘care.’ One size fits all.


Like all left-wing proposals, there is no discussion of costs. But The Oregon Health Authority put out a needs assessment touting this program in 2012, and they were funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources and Services Administration, under the Affordable Care Act Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Formula Grant Program. In addition, a significant contribution came from ongoing funding through Title V of the Social Security Act.

In other words, the FEDERAL TAXPAYER will pay for it. And don’t tell a leftist there is no money, even though only 47 percent of Americans pay federal taxes. The left is always happy to raise taxes on the productive.

Governor Inslee intends to do the same thing. They don’t want the government to stop at basic education, and they want to “secure a strong start for every child.”


The problem with that idea is it’s the Socialist big government doing it. You have likely heard about the torching of Mike Pence’s wife who has gone back to teaching in a Christian school. The left won’t stop berating her, the school, and her husband because they do not believe as the State dictates.

My years in Catholic school were great. The work we were doing in our classes was two years ahead of my public school counterparts, and our scores were much higher on tests. With all the non-stop indoctrination to the leftist ideals in public schools, they have the gall to try and stop religious education.

Now the government in these two states, and possibly North Carolina, want to get into your home when the child is born.


The left-wing government mindset isn’t about child care, it’s about government care of your child. Do you remember Barack Obama’s The Life of Julia? It was a simple PowerPoint on an Obama website detailing the role of government in every person’s life from cradle to grave.

The Life of Julia is a description of the ideological dream of modern liberal-statism. It is one in which the left creates their idyllic state that takes care of its citizens and non-citizens from cradle to grave. The Life of Julia is integral to a Marxist’s vision for America. It is the symbol of the vision of government’s role in each individual’s life.

Julia’s entire life is defined by her interactions with the state. Government is everywhere and each step of her life is tied to a government program. There are no parents, no husband, no relatives, no family unit, no church, just the government.

The vision is a highly cynical view of family, individual liberty, and earned success. They should have called it The Life of Svetlana.

All the unproven accusations against the President in collusion with Russia pale in comparison to the current Soviet-style influence in our educational, health, entertainment, media, and even religious entities.



  1. I believe that all the hysteria from the Left over Trump’s supposed Russian influence is just a delayed reaction of Obama’s ACTUAL treason. The Left has had a psychological trauma, and Trump is just a convenient target that doesn’t cause them to self flagellate over ‘racism’.

    • Liberals are really FASCISTS. If this is a true EMERGENCY like the crisis on the border which truly is an EMERGENCY, then President Trump should have no problem getting his wall.

  2. So, if a baby actually is allowed to be born in Oregon (avoids abortion), the state is going to give it first-rate care and education (brain washing) at tax payer expense. Then when it passes tax paying age (old – on SS), it will provide euthanasia.
    Seems like it won’t be too long before they declare children wards of the state, and parents as authorized caretakers with mandated upbringing rules.

  3. This type of thing will continue to happen as long as opponents merely sit on the sidelines and complain. Hopefully, the courts will render this unconstitutional.

  4. So, the liberals terminate all their children through abortion and drug use…..realizing they just killed off their future constituents…..then they want to come into the homes of Conservatives and Libertarians and indoctrinate our kids. The audacity.

  5. Oregon doesn’t have the money to deal with homeless kids living on the streets. They don’t have the money to deal with thousands of homeless adults. And the governor wants to focus on how how I raise my Christian family?

  6. you will NOT enter my door without a request from me or a court order. If these clowns show up with a court order this goes to the supreme court of the state and perhaps the feds. What a totally fascist invasion!

    They are not there about the baby per se. “Do you have any firearms in the house?” will be one of the first questions. I guarantee it. “What is your family income?” Etc., etc.

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