Col. Macgregor on SOTU, US GDP Like Soviets Before the Collapse


This week, Col. Douglas Macgregor responded to Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech. It’s powerful and frightening. See if you agree with Col. Macgregor. The transcript was rushed and goes a little beyond half the clip below.

He stated that Washington is obligated to secure the basic necessities of life: energy, food, and shelter. “Regrettably, the current administration is failing to perform these tasks. The current administration claims the gross domestic product is booming, but much of it comes from government spending and employment.”

“The government’s share of the gross domestic product in the United States today is 42%, including federal, state, and local spending. This outrageous share is similar to what it was in the Soviet Union in the late 1980s before the collapse.

“Rampant inflation stemming from this government’s share of the economy makes it difficult for families to buy nutritious food. A dozen eggs, which could be bought for less than $1.00 in 2019, now range from 2 to $4.00.

“Today, with price increases of over 100%, in the same period, median household income increased by a mere 9%. High mortgage interest rates jumping from 2% to 7.5% in less than three years places the dream of home ownership out of reach for too many Americans.

“Our national security is compromised. Unstable supply chains leave many store shelves empty. Our power plants and manufacturing facilities lack key spare parts. Ill-conceived domestic policies result in job losses and homelessness. The pursuit of misguided foreign military interventions has not only drained our resources but also imperiled our hard-won energy independence, subjecting Americans to rising fuel prices and foreign influence.

“Today, the government employs an estimated 2.87 million people. If we include federal contractors, this number balloons to between 12 and 25 billion.

“All of these events occur against the backdrop of a national sovereign debt that has skyrocketed to 34 trillion. Even worse, we are currently adding another trillion dollars to the national debt roughly every three months.


“It is impossible to drain the swamp with unsound money and a colossal debt that we cannot sustain. Tragically, DC Beltway politicians are controlled by the so-called donor class.

“This form of corruption is enabled by a cancerous central banking system. With privileged access to capital, this ruling class orchestrates endless wars, enriching themselves and their cronies while sending our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines to serve in foreign lands of marginal strategic interest to the United States.

“Meanwhile, open borders are allowing millions of illegals or migrants to flood into our country. This uncontrolled influx is straining our resources, overwhelming our communities, and destroying our prosperity.

“Reckless calls to defund and punish the police are crippling law enforcement officers, who are underfunded, undermanned, and unable to protect our citizens, making our cities unsafe for all, especially women, children, and the elderly.


“Open borders cannot be divorced from an explosion of criminality never before seen in the history of our country. The number of Americans dying from illegal drug or fentanyl overdose is over 100,000 each year, much of it trafficked to the wide open southern border.

Col. Douglas Macgregor

“There are more than 26,000 homicides each year, according to the FBI crime statistics. This is likely under account because, in the last two years, more than 40% of police agencies have not reported data because of a change in the system.

“The FBI is under political pressure. The number of missing children each year is estimated at over 800,000, which works out to be over 2,000 children every day. This alarming statistic is worsened by the overt sexualization of our children in public schools.

“Our children are our future. They should be protected, not exploited. Washington also spent $14 trillion on various Middle East wars over the last 20-30 years in a series of self-defeating military interventions.


“More recently, Washington spent hundreds of billions of dollars on an unnecessary war with Russia with little to show for it except higher prices for millions of Americans at the supermarket and the gas pump.

“Trillions were also wasted in the aftermath of the engineered COVID disaster, enriching the laptop class, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and big business while American workers, small business owners, and independent contractors were destroyed.

“Trillions have been wasted on unreliable green energy with metals mined in Africa and processed in China while destroying American jobs and ignoring our domestic resources.

“The bottom line is the state of the union is not strong. In fact, it is fragile and deteriorating. The question before us is, where does America go from here?

“Col. Macgregor outlined the actions that must be taken: secure our borders, airports, and harbors; avoid unnecessary conflicts at home; restore the rule of law at home; the military demands merit-based selection and promotion.

That takes us to about 07:00 on the mark:

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