Hollywood wants to be governor of Texas! McConaughey leading in Texas?


Matthew McConaughey commands more support to be Texas’ next governor than incumbent Greg Abbott, according to a poll released Sunday by The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler.

It’s not a great poll and since McConaughey isn’t yet in the race and hasn’t told us what his platform is, this poll is meaningless. It is what the media wants us to believe, however.

If he were to run for governor, the poll found, 45% of Texas registered voters would vote for McConaughey, 33% would vote for Abbott and 22% would vote for someone else.

McConaughey’s double-digit lead over the two-term Republican incumbent is significant, according to the Dallas Morning News. The poll, conducted April 6-13, surveyed 1,126 registered voters and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 2.92 percentage points.

However,  56% of Republican voters said they’d vote for Abbott, compared with only 30% for McConaughey.

Obviously, something is wrong with this poll.

While Democrats broke 66% to 8% for McConaughey, and independents 44% to 28%, more than twice as many Democratic primary voters — 51% — said they wanted a progressive candidate for governor than wanted a centrist — 25%.

The poll doesn’t make sense and it’s partly in the wording of the questions.

Governor Abbott has made some angry lately by trashing gab and let’s not forget the energy crisis during the once-in-ten-year storm.

While McConaughey is no communist progressive, he is not a moderate either.

Not much is known about his political views but his only complaint about Democrats is the far-left is too far.

He is no Republican.

The Guardian writes:

When asked about defunding the police, McConaughey gave a careful response on how he would attempt to improve relations between police and the community. “It’s almost like it should have been renamed because ‘defund’ does not sound anything like there’s been money reallocated to different areas of handling some police exercise,” he said.

“The community and the police need to get back together, and the community needs to say, ‘Here’s what’s unfair. Here’s how I feel it’s unfair as a Black man or a person of color or whatever the situation. Here’s my problem with my relationship with you as cops,” he continued.

The actor spoke out on the “epidemic” of gun violence in 2018, taking a different stance from his more progressive colleagues. He showed concern that the March for Our Lives, organized after the Parkland high school shooting, would be “hijacked” by some anti-gun movement, saying that the march was for “rightful, just and responsible gun ownership – but against assault rifles, against unlimited magazines and for following up on the regulations”.

Early in the pandemic, McConaughey filmed pro-mask PSAs and interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci on Instagram. In an interview with Jesse Will for Men’s Journal, he lamented how politicized mask-wearing had been by both sides of the spectrum. “It became apparent that there was no plan. Our leaders were scrambling,” he said. [A slap at the Republicans]

If he does run as a Democrat, he will be passed off as a moderate but he won’t support the police or guns. The media is already trying to pass off an ardent liberal as a moderate like Joe Biden. He’s allegedly a moderate too.

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