Status of the Kari Lake Primary


Yesterday, it was clear Kari Lake would win the GOP gubernatorial primary over the Pence-Ducey candidate. Roughly 82% of the vote was in, with Lake in the lead. There have been tremendous delays in this race.

Maricopa County said they would report the results today. Now they changed it to this evening. They’re a disgrace.

On Election Day, the counting stopped, and nothing moved until the next day. Lake was behind when the votes came in because mail-in and early voting ballots were counted first. When the in-person votes came in, Ms. Lake took the lead.

This morning, only 82.1% of the votes are counted. All day long, the count was stuck at 80%, with Kari Lake leading by 1.8%.

Kari Lake appears to have won every county except Maricopa. As she led last night, the order came down to stop counting again.

The nation is under great stress, and one of the worst problems we face is a massive invasion at the border of new Democrats, many of whom do not share our values but do sell drugs and come to commit crimes.

Kari Lake has not been subtle about dealing with the situation. As she said, she will blow up the tunnels and doesn’t care if drug dealers are in them. That’s a start. Most of the people coming are not coming to join us but rather to impose their values on us. It’s a manufactured invasion. We won’t like the end result.

Keep checking on this link.

Billionaire Karrin Robson is leading Kari Lake in Maricopa, but the lead has shrunk.

Neo-con RINO Robson was projected to lose. Now, it is still an unanswered question.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
9 months ago

An obvious attempted steal is underway. It is brazen. Hobbs knows she has lots of backing to do this. At this point, since she is implicated in 2020, she is part of the corruption and must comply with it. Lake vowed to go after them. So did the SoS candidate. The crooks are vulnerable. Brnovich will also continue his coverups. He is upset he lost, and badly, due to the backlash from his election cheating, so he would be more determined now than in 2020. This is a classic confrontation between good & evil. Of course, notice no concerns from the corrupt republicans, such as Ducey. Robson would if she were honest come out and say count the votes now. This is a make or break situation for the entire 2022 election.

9 months ago

The Democrats and RINOs are trying to figure out how to stuff Ballot Boxes with everyone looking.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
9 months ago

How are Rino’s different that Dumbocrats? They aren’t. They have no respect for the constitution and the process of voting.