We Would Hate to Be the Dem Running Against Kari Lake – Watch 3 videos!


Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake released her full interview with 60 Minutes Australia, and wow, this reporter had an agenda. He wouldn’t let her speak, cut her off, attacked her, claimed she was “telling fibs” and accused her of making “xenophobic comments.”

Lake called it the “most biased interview” of her life after the reporter constantly asked questions about former President Donald Trump, the 2020 election, and even the incident at the U.S. Capitol last January.

She is running for Governor and the interviewer had no interest in that. Kari did a great job of running over him but who knows what will air, obviously not the truth.

At one point this Liam Bartlett person said this: I suppose you’re the sort of woman who also believes the moon landing was a conspiracy. I mean, how many institutions do you want to tear down?

Her response: Liam, it was a pleasure meeting you. This has just become comical. I’m leaving. Actually, thank you for giving me a good laugh because you actually make some of the crazy reporters and people at CNN look almost respectable. So thank you, sir. Appreciate your time.


Kari Lake Tapes the Loser as He’s Taping Her and Trying to Destroy Her – She’s Prepared

This next bit is great where she goes after the snob. As she said, the only thing that keeps us from being Australia or Canada is our Second Amendment and we will never give it up. Watch after ads and then the full interview is on the next clip.

Watch the full interview:

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Peter Prange
Peter Prange
1 year ago

If every thinking person in Australia saw how Liam Bartlett acted, no fair person would ever watch him again. He was a total buffoon. Living in Australia I am embarrassed. Fellow Australians, how would you react to a “so-called” high level reporter from a major network in the USA treating a major Australian politician in this way?

The Warrior by Frank Frazetta
The Warrior by Frank Frazetta
1 year ago

The democracy Kool-Aid grows stale and now you can see the brick wall at the back behind all the smoke and mirrors.
The illusion of participation and representation has grown too costly to maintain.
Now the velvet glove drops to the floor and the iron fist comes out.