Steve Bannon Sentenced to Prison for the Entire Campaign


The following is mostly a summary of Jack Posobiec’s commentary below, but the Sentinel agrees. One party is locking up the other party. Wake up.

Steve Bannon will begin serving his four-month sentence on July 1. He will not be able to campaign until November 1st. The election is November 5. Bannon still has appeals, but he was ordered to prison before the election. This ruling is political. There is no need to send him to prison pre-election.

This is D-Day, the day of liberation that ended the war in Europe. It’s the day Bannon was ordered to prison on July 1 for refusing to participate in a show hearing of a panel of Soviet-style anti-Trumpers. The show hearing had no due process, no lawyers, no cross-examination of witnesses, hidden exculpatory evidence, and excluded investigations of people in charge of January 6 like Nancy Pelosi. It was never an investigation. It was an opportunity to destroy the political opponents. They also wanted to send a message. Defy us and we will imprison you.

Donald Trump’s allies were forced to participate in the show hearing, and Bannon refused. So, refusing to participate means you go to prison. That is what the Soviets did.

Democrats are cheering the conviction and imprisonment of political opponents. In fact, they are a threat to democracy.

Anyone tied to Donald Trump is a target, whether it be Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, Peter Navarro, Gen. Flynn, Roger Stone, Trump lawyers, and many other allies. They will be imprisoned. Judge Merchan will likely sentence Donald Trump to prison. That is what they wanted all along.

They Cheer the Arrest of Their Opponents

Democrats are cheering these lawfare trials and persecutions. If they can do this to them, they can easily do it to you. If there is no justice for them, there is no justice for you. They can get you any time they want, and they hate you.

This isn’t what our military fought for on D-Day. Politicians are destroying the promise of an exceptional United States.

Biden’s speech on D-Day is about democracy and liberation while he is locking up his political opponents.

The leftists aren’t doing anything novel. It’s all recorded in history, and we are allowing it to happen. This is a communist revolution, worse than anything we have seen before.

Find legal ways to fight for your country while you still can—at least volunteer.

Watch his description of how the hardcore leftists prepared us for this.

These people in charge just put an elderly woman in prison for two years after she suffered a heart attack in prison because she peacefully protested at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. They put almost a dozen in prison, one for nearly five years. They were accused of blocking the clinic, but they didn’t block them. Everyone who wanted to kill their baby got in.

This is who we are now:

Watch a victim of communism warn Americans:

Yuri Bezmenov:
Xi Van Fleet:

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