Steven Crowder-Ben Shapiro Fight Blows Up on Social Media


Steven Crowder

Comedian Steven Crowder and fellow conservative Ben Shapiro are having a public dispute with Crowder accusing Shapiro of being in bed with Big Tech. The popular YouTuber, Steven Crowder says Shapiro and his empire are colluding with Big Tech to silence right-wing content.

“Big Tech is in bed with Big Con,” Steven Crowder said in a video this week, complaining about a contract offer he’d received from The Daily Wire—without specifically naming Shapiro’s company, Daily Wire.

The Daily Wire’s chief executive Jeremy Boreing published an hour-long response video detailing the negotiating offer that the conservative media empire sent to Crowder’s agent

Boreing claimed they offered him $50 million.

Crowder’s show Louder with Crowder on the Blaze was very popular, and he left on friendly terms after four years. He has an independent site on YouTube that has six million viewers and a Rumble site with one million viewers.

Crowder complained that the contract included penalties if he was suspended, demonetized, or removed from any major hosting sites or platforms. His contract would be reduced quite a bit if that happened.

Ben Shapiro responded with details about the contract and wished Crowder the best. Crowder feels that the contract supports Big Tech censorship. Shapiro might be concerned about the loss of money if Crowder’s taken down from these sites. It seems that Crowder felt he’d be forced into self-censorship by the contract and would have none of it.

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