Still Not an Insurrection


The J6 witch hunt committee under Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney is sending out subpoenas to social media companies in the hopes of finding more conservatives to persecute. They are even looking at personal communications.

While we still have to wait and see the evidence, we are dealing with corrupt prosecutors here. They claim their mostly 50-70 year olds had a stash of firearms outside DC. We’ll see, but personally I don’t believe it.

When the violent communists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who say they want to overturn the government, burned cities for 120 days last summer, none of this happened.

In addition, Speaker Pelosi is the person responsible for security at the Capitol and no one questioned her about the lapses.  She turned down 10,000 National Guard but no one cares.

The new serious charges are still not ‘insurrection’ but we don’t doubt they’re cooking up something to claim insurrection as well. Seditious conspiracy is not insurrection. It’s incitement to insurrection. It’s words used to tell people to rebel against the government. Insurrection, as Stinchfield explains in the first clip, is literally using violence against the government.

No one has been charged with insurrection yet, but the media doesn’t care. They’re running with insurrection anyway.

It’s still not an insurrection:

This is such a great summary of the ‘insurrection’ which is actually Russiagate 3.0:

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