Killing Christian Preschools in California?


A California Christian preschool director has been banned from ever working with children again. Her crime, allegedly, is that she ‘failed to encourage’ two-year-old babies to wear face masks in class. The problem is far deeper than masks, however.

Tiffany McHugh, the director of Foothills Christian Church Preschool in San Diego, had her license stripped after the Department of Social Services shut down the preschool because McHugh couldn’t get the babies to keep their masks on.

‘We were coming up against a lot of parents who didn’t want their children to be masked that young,’ McHugh told CBS 8.

‘There were a lot of children who were just too young to wear masks, they pull them off. it’s really difficult.’

The school is appealing and there’s a hearing set for a month from now. Parents are protesting as well.

California is a socialist/communist state and this is a Christian pre-school in a still fairly conservative county. It looks more like hate and control on the state’s part.

They don’t want Christians to teach the children. In a communist state, “the state” is supreme. Mrs. McHugh is being erased, canceled, obliterated because she dared teach Christian babies, not because of any masks.

Meanwhile, California has successfully destroyed about half its small businesses, they’ve greatly added to the supply chain problem, and needy, ill-informed illegal aliens pour in to cement the control of the hardcore leftists. Once you become a communist, there is no turning back.



  1. Cali is my native state which I fortunately had the foresight to leave in the 90’s when I saw no future. It was difficult. I have deep roots going back to a 49’r and his Spanish wife. It was once a beautiful, healthy place to grow up in and I felt very fortunate. All of my siblings have left as well with only a few cousins hanging on, all suffering from the dark tyranny that has gripped our land. I cry for my beloved state but know that the cancer is terminal and can only wait to help bury the rotting corpse. Hopefully, a Phoenix will rise from the ashes. Christians will have to go underground and hide from the hideous monsters that persecute them. Eventually, I am confident a new leader designated by Christ will arise to defeat these monsters as they were long ago at the Milvian Bridge

  2. Erasing Christianity is part of the Great Reset which is just the Great Leap Forward for the world.
    Bolsheviks hate religion with a psychotic passion as it interferes with loyalty to the gulag state.

  3. The Fact that more people are leaving California than moving to California and California has the largest Homeless Population in the Country pretty much tells the story. California is a failed State and I have no problem giving California to Communist China in exchange for Taiwan.

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