Stimulus is Collecting $42,000 Per Fed Taxpayer, Netting Them Little in Return


Right about now might be a good time to remember that the huge sums of cash being handed out by Congress is coming courtesy of 143 million U.S. taxpayers.  Let’s see if they’re getting a good bang for their bucks.

The pork-laden, $1.9 Billion Dem bailout of badly mismanaged Democrat states and cities, now brings total Federal stimulus monies to $ix Billon dollars.  If you think that’s a very heavy lift for hardworking Americans you’d be right.  Here’s a look, complete with links to verify the scary math.

Joe Biden just signed his sweeping $1.9 trillion spending package into law. Once this bill hits the books, total taxpayer expenditure on (ostensibly) COVID relief will hit $6 trillion—which, roughly estimated, comes out to $41,870in spending per federal taxpayer!

The Foundation for Economic Education has helped put some of that in perspective.

“For context, $6 trillion is more than one-fourth of what the US economy produces in an entire year, according to Fox Business.”

Moreover, the COVID spending bills have all lost huge sums of money to unrelated carve-outs, politician pet projects, corporate bailouts, fraud, waste, and worse.  In the latest package, more than 90 percent of the spending is not directly related to containing the China Virus.

So what kind of return are we getting from all that dough?  And how’s all this working out for the 43% of taxpaying Americans who are picking up the tab?

The relatively small percentage of those who fully collected expanded unemployment benefits throughout the pandemic, and received all $3,200 in total of the stimulus payments, likely received more than $18,181 in direct benefits.  Why did we cite that specific number?  Because if the $6 trillion had been divvied up equally among our population every American could have received a $18,181 check.

So, for almost all Americans, the actual benefits of this lengthy stimulus legislation come in far below the figure that they would have received if the entire pile of money was just split up and sent out.

As for the 143,000,000 funding all this, right about now, they may be reminded of an old expression that we’ve cleaned up for the purposes of keeping it mostly family-friendly.  “If I’m gonna get screwed, I’d at least like to get a kiss.”

Nope.  Pay up! No kiss for you!










  1. We have an estimated 40 million illegals in the US that cost the economy an average of $100,000 each that’s $4 TRILLION a year! That, the cost of illegal immigrattion and its only going to get worse. The cost includes everything from welfare to policing and its impact on wages,especially for lower income Americans. Now, do you realize why our economy is stagnant and in decline?

  2. They can kiss my pee pee.
    How many trillions have been added since last year at this time?
    What is it up to five or six trillion in order to burn it all down by any means necessary?

  3. The new secret to Democrat success: create a massive, SUPERNATURALLY EXPENSIVE socialist boondoggle to entrench yourself and your party in power and call it “COVID Relief”… and then take a rigged poll asking people if they like getting sent $1400 without ever telling them its costing them $42,000. Toss in your paid propagandists in the Enemedia and VIOLA!!! …the poll indicates that EVERYONE LOVES THE IDEA!!!

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