Army brass appears to threaten Tucker Carlson


Tucker Carlson mocked the military and Joe Biden over a new program that includes “maternity flight suits” for pregnant women flying military planes.

Pregnant women should not be flying fighter jets, but one Marine commander claimed the military did get medical clearance. He posted his comment on Twitter.

Greg Kelly of Newsmax wrote on Twitter: This “Marine” just sounded off on domestic politics and TUCKER CARLSON, and he did it in UNIFORM—-about the most UNSAT crap I’ve seen in a long time. Violating both the letter and SPIRIT of every protocol of what NOT do in Uniform. The PENTAGON put him up to it? UNSAT!!!

Sounds right to us.

One of the comments Biden had made about the transformation of the military is they were “updating to meet hairstyles?” We want our military prepared with the right hairstyles???

Tucker’s point was that a WOKE military is a weak one.

The official US Marine Corps Twitter account called Tucker a “boomer” and later deleted the tweet.

But this latest tweet is disturbing — far more disturbing.

Actually, it is terrifying. CSM Ben Lemon seemed to be threatening Tucker in this next tweet. In the least, it is very inappropriate. What kind of Marines are these?

Tucker didn’t attack this man’s sisters. He expressed his First Amendment rights.

It wasn’t about women and they know it.

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