Supercuts–Choice Clips of Biden’s Stunning CNN Performance


Joe Biden was at a CNN town hall last evening with Anderson Cooper helping him spit out words. Afterward, all the rest of the network praised his performance. Joe Biden clearly doesn’t know what is going on despite what CNN says.

Joe did his customary lying. For example, he was asked if he’d go to the border and he said he’s been there before. That’s not true. He’s never been.

These two supercuts are worth watching if you don’t have time for all the other clips:

In any case, why can’t he go to the border one weekend instead of to his Delaware mansion or his beach home?


About gas, he said he doesn’t see anything to lower the gas prices. It’s HIS POLICIES causing the problem. He’s incoherent in the next clip, but his invitation-only audience clapped and hooted on demand.

Instead of taking responsibility for the failure, he is blaming OPEC. He’s shutting down drilling, canceled the Keystone XL, nixing drilling in Anwar, and is constantly attacking the fossil fuel industry but can’t understand why there is a problem.


When asked if firefighters and police officers should be fired, he said, ‘yes.’

This is the kind, Uncle Joe’s true self who is restoring morality to America. (sarcasm) He’s unequivocally calling for the firing of first responders, people who saved our butts at risk to their own lives during the pandemic.

Instead of lifting the regulations that are keeping goods on barges off Long Beach and LA, he is going to send in the National Guard. He seriously has no clue as to what he is saying.


Biden mocked freedom. No freedom for you, Killers! Am I a killer if I get the flu and spread that too? What about colds? And how about all those illegal aliens coming in with COV? Are they killers too?


Pathetically, he couldn’t remember Long Beach.


He doesn’t know who he’s talking about.

He’s just as happy if our history is destroyed. He hates us.

Wages are going down, but he claims they are going up in the next clip. While inflation rises, wages are going down. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the third quarter review of average weekly wages [Main Data Here].  The results of the year-over-year comparison should alarm everyone.  This is a very serious data point that likely means we are in a recession, it just has not been quantified yet.


Here is a comparison of weekly wages for the third quarter (July, Aug, Sept) of this year, compared to the weekly average wages in 2020 [It was modified by Conservative Treehouse to show the important figures]:

Biden made a white supremacist symbol and did some weird whispering:

In this clip, we get comments from Stephen Miller and Rep. Banks:

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Too Fast For Love
Too Fast For Love
2 years ago

Let’s Go Brandon chants erupt in Pyongyang, Riyadh, Kabul, Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Caracas and other places.
Way to go Jo Jo Magoo, how you F’ed it all up beyond repair!
Go get ’em cornpop lunchbox shampoo sniffy and Dingle Barry the sweatpants preezy out to burn it all down by any means necessary.
Yes we can!

2 years ago

Anyone who actually has followed Traitor Joe’s career knows he was an Compromised Bought and Sold Racist who went to the highest bidder. He can no longer hide the fact that he has a 2 digit IQ and is Mentally and Morally compromised. He was the perfect puppet for a Stolen Election. He will be tossed aside next year and Heels Up Harris, who is a coattail rider who will do what she is told, will make small moves towards Trump policies to try and save the Democrat Congress in 2022.

If the Congress stays Democrat, the Democrats will go full blown Communist in December 2022 and we will be at Civil War in 2023. Covid gave The People a wake up call and they see what is really going on in America. The People who are Producers in America are horrified. America will never be a Communist Nation and Communist Nations and Democracies always fail anyway. A Civil War will devastate Big Blue Cities since American cities are totally depend on outside sources for everything. A war will result in tens of millions of people in those cities dying. Without food, people do uncivilized things.

I don’t think the twisted Climate Communist care because they see humans who produce things as destroyers of the plant. They openly say this. People need to come to the realization that the US Government is being run by some really sick genocidal maniacs and these people have slowly gained power in the Deep State for a hundred years. With the Election of President Trump and BREXIT, these people saw their “Utopia” being dashed on the rocks and went into survival mode. Taking over the Government was an imperative so they banned together with their Globalist friend to steal the 2020 Election and install their Puppet Government. We are up against something akin to a Mentally Ill Religious Cult who have created a life or death battle for control. The Cult requires total control while the rest of us just want to be left alone! Patriots believe in inalienable rights endowed on all of us by God, the Cult believes rights are what they decide and are given to or taken from groups by Government. Control Freaks have been around since the dawn of the human race and are very dangerous people as tyranny is always their goal.

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
2 years ago

Anderson Cooper spoon fed President Biden all the answers. As usual, Biden blamed everyone else for the problems he created. When he wasn’t whispering he was babbling. And once again when answering, Biden kept saying number 1 and number 2. He’s pissing on our freedoms (#1) and he’s full of crap (#2). The whole world is laughing at Biden as they plot against the U.S. Let’s go, Brandon!