Supercuts–Choice Clips of Biden’s Stunning CNN Performance


Joe Biden was at a CNN town hall last evening with Anderson Cooper helping him spit out words. Afterward, all the rest of the network praised his performance. Joe Biden clearly doesn’t know what is going on despite what CNN says.

Joe did his customary lying. For example, he was asked if he’d go to the border and he said he’s been there before. That’s not true. He’s never been.

These two supercuts are worth watching if you don’t have time for all the other clips:

In any case, why can’t he go to the border one weekend instead of to his Delaware mansion or his beach home?


About gas, he said he doesn’t see anything to lower the gas prices. It’s HIS POLICIES causing the problem. He’s incoherent in the next clip, but his invitation-only audience clapped and hooted on demand.

Instead of taking responsibility for the failure, he is blaming OPEC. He’s shutting down drilling, canceled the Keystone XL, nixing drilling in Anwar, and is constantly attacking the fossil fuel industry but can’t understand why there is a problem.


When asked if firefighters and police officers should be fired, he said, ‘yes.’

This is the kind, Uncle Joe’s true self who is restoring morality to America. (sarcasm) He’s unequivocally calling for the firing of first responders, people who saved our butts at risk to their own lives during the pandemic.

Instead of lifting the regulations that are keeping goods on barges off Long Beach and LA, he is going to send in the National Guard. He seriously has no clue as to what he is saying.


Biden mocked freedom. No freedom for you, Killers! Am I a killer if I get the flu and spread that too? What about colds? And how about all those illegal aliens coming in with COV? Are they killers too?


Pathetically, he couldn’t remember Long Beach.


He doesn’t know who he’s talking about.

He’s just as happy if our history is destroyed. He hates us.

Wages are going down, but he claims they are going up in the next clip. While inflation rises, wages are going down. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the third quarter review of average weekly wages [Main Data Here].  The results of the year-over-year comparison should alarm everyone.  This is a very serious data point that likely means we are in a recession, it just has not been quantified yet.


Here is a comparison of weekly wages for the third quarter (July, Aug, Sept) of this year, compared to the weekly average wages in 2020 [It was modified by Conservative Treehouse to show the important figures]:

Biden made a white supremacist symbol and did some weird whispering:

In this clip, we get comments from Stephen Miller and Rep. Banks:

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