Strange March on DC by White Nationalists to Reclaim America?


We found the white supremacists? They finally appeared in D.C. after recently having shown up in Philly and elsewhere. At least that is according to the media.

The Daily Beast, a wholly unreliable propaganda machine for the far-left, claims a group of white supremacists stormed through downtown Washington, D.C. on Saturday evening, bearing American flags and mildly menacing plastic shields while marching to the beat of a snare drum down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. But after chanting aggressively about their plans to “reclaim America,” their intended show of force stalled spectacularly when they lost their ride.

Their rides were dozens of U-Hauls.

There were about 100 to 300 marchers.


And Who Would That Be Dummy?

Patriot Front’s leader Thomas Rousseau spoke beside the Capitol reflecting pool, bystanders booed. Asked about the reason for the march, Rousseau said, “Our demonstrations are an exhibition of our unified capability to organize, to show our strength—not as brawlers or public nuisances, but as men capable of illustrating a message and seeking an America that more closely resembles the interests of its true people.”

Some believe this could be a setup by the Feds. Amazing how these white supremacists suddenly appeared as the game-playing Attorney General rants about imaginary white supremacists and people keep asking him where they are.

Andy Ngo seems to think they’re for real.

While the group had marched through the city with threatening chants about their plan to “reclaim America,” by the end of the night it was not even clear how they intended to reclaim their U-Haul.

Outside of running away in fear, they just walked, yelled, and fled.

Even their web page looks fraudulent. Something is wrong here. If they are Neo-Nazis, why are they on social media but a former president isn’t?

If they were dangerous redneck right-wing domestic terrorists (the way the media depicts them) they wouldn’t have backed off while outnumbering these guys. So. Pathetic.

Grabien’s Tom Elliott called it a Lincoln Project field trip:


Where is the evidence these masked men have any relation whatsoever to Republicans or Conservatives. It looks like a set up, but if they are legit, they are the true FAR RIGHT. There aren’t very many of them.

Whoever they are, they need to get lost.



  1. Actual white supremacists who are also domestic terrorists are so damn rare in the USA ( there are maybe a dozen such men? at most ) that the Democrats, helped by the FBI have to hire paid actors to parade in front of a complicit main stream media.

    They are desperate judging by how poorly executed that was and how OBVIOUS it is that the left is behind the whole false flag operation.

    Even the name is pathetically weak

    and the fact absolutely NOT ONE conservative in the USA has ever heard of them is something too subtle for the geniuses at the FBI who planned this stupid event.

    my neighbor’s cat has a higher IQ than the people who came up with this fake group and fake parade…

    is it now a requirement to have a very low IQ to be able to join the FBI or the Democrat party?

    what a sad sad spectacle…

  2. it was planned and executed – clumsily – at the very last minute by a bunch of very desperate imbecilic democrats and corrupt FBI agents

    that explains why they did not rent buses but had those actors sit in the back of U Haul trucks , it is all they could find on such short notice

    I am laughing so hard at them my eyes are watering !

    their stupidity should be in the guinnes book of records !

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