Strzok’s Hiding The Personal Email Account He Used to Flout the Law



By now, people know that Huma Abedin downloaded Hillary Clinton’s emails, secret emails in some cases, to a laptop she shared with her husband Anthony Weiner. The NYPD found them when they were investigating him for sexting with a 15-year old. The FBI sat on the information for about a month. There were reports that the NYPD was going to expose the information if the FBI didn’t do something. Another version comes from House Intel Chair Devin Nunes who said they had FBI whistleblowers who told them about the computer which forced the October surprise.

In October, then-FBI Director James Comey launched a probe. He found Hillary innocent days before the election.

Why did Agent Strzok take the Weiner indictment home with him?

According to the report by the Office of the Inspector General released on Thursday, FBI Agent Peter Strzok used his private email to download the content of the sealed Anthony Weiner Indictment, October 29, 2016.

Strzok took government property without authorization,  a sealed SDNY indictment, a secret document of the Southern District of NY, and downloaded it to his own non-secure system.

Strzok has only been referred internally for this matter to determine if he violated FBI policies and regulations Why isn’t he being referred criminally? 

In the summary of the OIG report, p. xii, released this week, it briefly describes what he did:

“We found that Strzok used his personal email accounts for official government business on several occasions, including forwarding an email from his FBI account to his personal email account about the proposed search warrant the Midyear team was seeking on the Weiner laptop.”

Included in that email was a “draft of the search warrant affidavit which contained information from the Weiner investigation that appears to have been under seal at the time in the Southern District of New York and information obtained pursuant to a grand jury subpoena issued in the Eastern District of Virginia in the Midyear investigation.”

There is speculation about why he did it, but we don’t know for certain. The fact is he shouldn’t have done it.

What comes next is unbelievable, but it is in the report in footnotes 217 and 218 [pp. 426-428].

The FBI requested access to Strzok’s personal email account, but he refused. He reviewed the emails himself. Then he told the FBI there were no work-related communications in them.

The FBI determined they didn’t have the authority to obtain the contents according to the footnote.

We knew in May of this year that the FBI would not collect the emails from the agents’ personal accounts but we didn’t know how exactly Strzok and others were using their accounts. The OIG knew and, yet, they didn’t collect the emails.

Strzok still works at the FBI in HR where he can hire more clowns like himself. He also maintains his security clearance.

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