Student protesting masks handcuffed & arrested & school locked down


A junior at Laramie High School in Wyoming named Grace Smith has been involved ina legal battle with her high school over its mask mandate this week.  The district responded by locking down the entire school for an hour and a half while cuffing and arresting her.

She was given a citation for trespassing.

This is Wyoming! These lunatics are everywhere.

According to KPVI-TV, Smith believes that the Wyoming State Constitution protects her right to make her own medical decisions, and therefore prohibits mask mandates.

The Laramie County School District, however, put into place a mask mandate in September in response to growing numbers of COVID-19 cases.

Smith’s father claims that he and his daughter attempted to speak with numerous statewide officials about their concerns with the legality of the mask mandate. They were told to sue and risk disciplinary action.

Smith decided to go to school without a mask in defiance of the mandate. The first time she was suspended, she told KPVI, “she just left,” but then the second time she says her attorney advised her to stay on campus in order to ensure that she received a citation that could be challenged in court. So on Tuesday, she was suspended a second time and also issued a citation for trespassing.

When Smith returned to school on Thursday, again without a mask, she decided to not leave willingly.

Laramie police officers were called, handcuffed, and arrested her.

Smith stood firm but polite and respectful with the officers as she was arrested and led from the building.

She was surprised by the lockdown. [Talk about beyond the pale.]

School officials confirmed the lockdown to KPVI, and further admitted that “the lockdown wasn’t done because of any specific threat of violence or potential for harm.”

School officials claimed that locking down the entire school was necessary “to prevent further interruptions to academic learning.”


When asked why she is so insistent about refusing to wear a mask, Smith told KPVI, “It’s because I’m growing up in a country where I’m supposed to have my God-given rights to protect, and they’re being taken away. Everybody has the freedom to wear a mask if they choose, but I believe everybody also has the right to not wear a mask if they choose.”

Smith also insisted that the decision to refuse to wear a mask was her choice, and was not influenced by her parents.

Smith also noted that since she began her protest, she has been “cussed out a lot” by her fellow students, and even faced retaliation from teachers. KPVI also notes that Smith faces possible expulsion from the school if the suspensions continue.

In 2018, the Laramie School District didn’t mind protests in 2018 when it was anti-gun.

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