Donald Trump: President in Exile


What a mess! Remember how the Washington Swamp was being drained and how strong and secure and economically sound America was under President Donald Trump – now our President in exile? Now consider Joe Biden — the Pretender to the Presidency – and how today, in almost every aspect of our daily lives, We the People are being savaged in a Third World America.

Despite the career RINOs and their Democrat friends undermining everything President Donald Trump was doing, despite their ad nauseam investigations and impeaching him twice under a cascade of lies and false witnesses, despite the perfidy of our Supreme Court and the onslaught of the American press against him, despite the Washington Establishment’s Marxist cohorts rioting in the streets and burning down our cities run by liberals, despite Anthony Fauci who funded the Covid pandemic out of China’s Wuhan Laboratories, President Trump led America to a rebirth of the American Dream. Now a Pretender promises to destroy the America we’ve known and loved, and submerge us hopelessly in godless, tyrannical Marxism.

The 2020 presidential election was stolen and now even the crooks in our nation’s capital who orchestrated the greatest theft in American history are having their regrets. At least the underlings are – those Fifth Columnists in the rank and file of the Leftist movement. The bigshots with all the money are delighted at the prospects of a diminished America stripped of its manhood and morals.

Saul Alinsky wrote the Democrat playbook on how to destroy America from within. In his book “Rules for Radicals,” Alinsky mentored his treasonous zealots. “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”

But you Marxists beware. Americans know what you are about. That false power you think you have has been crumbling as more and more Americans awaken to their suffering under the incompetence of Joe Biden and the leftists.

What took place on 6 January 2021 at our Capitol Building began before Trump even took the microphone to address the crowds of Americans sickened by the Democrat intrigues that denied them their rightful vote. President Trump urged them to fight for their Constitutional rights — and the swamp rats and the leftist’s news outlets seized upon that speech to repeatedly bellow out the “Big Lie” that Trump had rallied his supporters for an armed insurrection. Many Republicans, most of them, the ones we believed we could trust, joined the Democrats in the lynch mob. They are still trying to bring criminal charges of treason against the lawful president.

Yes, Democrats and Republican RINOs both allowed Joe Biden to become “the pretender” – what we used to call a “post turtle” — a turtle we find perched upon a tall wooden fencepost, its legs dangling helplessly beneath it, flailing in the air. A post turtle isn’t sure how it got where it is — someone had to put it there — and now that it is where it is, it doesn’t know what to do. From his first day in the White House Joe Biden, the pretender, the post turtle, has been stripping away our God-given freedoms and abrogating all that is uniquely American.

And so we must fight to win back our nation. According to John Spina, we can fight this evil peacefully and we can win utilizing the powers invested in our Constitution. With a background in law and the Constitution, U.S. and world history, and political philosophy, John has confidence in our founding documents. He says, “Our founders created the American republic so brilliantly framed, we can overcome any assault on our Judeo-Christian way of life, even when among ourselves, our opinions are at odds. As long as we treasure our individual freedoms and recognize our responsibilities, as long as we are educated, courageous, and of solid moral fiber, the Constitution and the American way will work out the best remedy to most of our problems.”

John Spina put it this way: “The fight is the normal state of things. It would be nice to think we could take a break from history and from the fight, but we know we cannot. Such simplistic utopian thinking is the product of the collective left, not the individualist, free-spirited, self-actualizing right. So, we continue to fight, whatever that looks like. We fight.”

We fight — and we wait for the 2024 election when our legitimate president comes out of exile and topples the pretender from his perch on the fencepost.



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2 years ago

More and more it seems President Trump was out-smarted by Deep State, the Commies and the Globalists. Even to this day he isn’t in power with no immediate plan for that to change, only to make future elections more secure but to this date I haven’t heard of a single state who has withdrawn the criminal voting machines. President Trump pushed the vaccine when he was in Cullman Alabama and got booed. If he promoted the vaccine it makes sense that he wasn’t aware at that time of the poisons it contains so he might have taken the vaccine and even a 2nd dose. So, He’s doomed. If Trump is doomed, America is doomed. Please tell me I’m wrong. I don’t want to be right.

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
2 years ago

What a mess, indeed! Our rights, our Constitution, and our American way of life are being stolen by a few elite Marxists, both elected and unelected. Our fight can be with words, both spoken and written, or by showing up at local meetings to find out what is going on. But be prepared to be cancelled, arrested, or worse. (P.S. – Love the picture!)