DJT Slams “nut job Joe” and “woke fascists” turning us into a communist country


Former President Donald Trump blasted the $3.5 trillion fundamental transformation bill during his Iowa rally on Saturday. He blasted “nutjob” Joe Biden, “woke fascist,” Nancy Pelosi, and the other “maniacs.”

“What they are going to do by passing this thing that’s going to kill our nation,” Trump said. “All Americans of common sense — Republican, Democrat, and independent — must stand firm and you must really stand strong and firm against Biden, and crazy Nancy Pelosi. She’s a nut job. And the extreme power grab…”

“We must declare with one united voice that we cannot allow America to ever become a socialist country. That’s what they’re doing. And I really think it’s a step beyond. I think it’s going to be a communist country,” Trump said.

He is telling the truth and the establishment hates him for it. Watch the clip, it’s truth:

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