Students Forced to Endure Evil, Racist, DEI Reeducation at U of W


As millions of poor, uneducated people, criminals, and terrorists, pour across our borders, leaders in our companies, government, and colleges are teaching the most un-American, racist, reeducation programs imaginable. They would make Mao proud.

Legal Insurrection has publicized this horrendous curriculum and exposed the latest iteration at the University of Wisconsin Law School.

This DEI training is a form of indoctrination and demeans law students based on their race.

First-year students must attend the racist DEI training, which is rooted in the racist Critical Race theory. This was an ideology that Barack Obama promoted, and Joe Biden pushed on Americans. Barack Obama greatly admired Harvard’s Dr. Derrick Bell who taught this for decades.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) issued a press release, detailing the program and has demanded that it be canceled. To give you an idea of what they’re teaching the materials assert the following claims.

  1. Only white people can be racist.
  2. Advocating for a “colorblind” society is racist and “negates” the “experiences of people of color.”
  3. it is racist to attack affirmative action.
  4. All white people experience “privilege based on your white skin color. You benefit from the system of oppression and advantage, no matter what your intentions are.”
  5. White people have a “fear of people of color, and what would happen if they gained control.”
  6. White people are all infected with “whiteness,” “white guilt,” “denial,” “fear,” and “privilege.” Ridding white people of “racist conditioning” “will never happen.”
  7. There are no exceptional, white people such that “all are tainted by skin color.”
  8. White people are the “beneficiaries of racism and white privilege.”
  9. White people should never talk about “their own story of hardship” because it “diminishes the experiences of people of color.”
  10. White people, “attempt to, defend or cover up the racist actions of other white people.”
You can view WILL’s statement, including the text of the training materials here.

This is pure hate, driven by a desire to destroy the country, making way for a more Maoist society.

At the same time that this “reeducation” is going on, we have millions of people pouring across our borders who hate us, and they’re almost all people of color. They will be taught DEI when they get here and they will know that they are supposed to attack and diminish white people.

We are supposed to bow to this.

We have our political class to thank for this, as well as the globalists of the UN, the World Economic Forum, and the many other globalist organizations. You can also thank Barack Obama, who said we are “not exceptional” and struck out to make sure we weren’t. It is his staff driving Joe Biden, whose IQ is much too low for him to ever be totally aware of what he’s doing.

Screenshot of Mao reeducation camp

One person who commented on the McGuire thread wrote the following:

This is nothing short of institutionalized thought reform. This is what the Maoist did to the Han Chinese people because they were the biggest obstacle to their power. They used different language but in the same way to demoralize the largest percentage of the population and radicalize those that would move against them. Then they seized power and created a totalitarian one party state that could do what it wishes when it wishes without concerns for human rights and law.


Go to Legal Insurrection and learn more. They have a foundation and are trying to stop it. It is the opposite of our Constitution and what Martin Luther King Jr. taught.

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1 month ago

I am White. I’m proud to be superior to some. My ancestors came to Philadelphia in 1683 and added to society, not suck the life out of it.

1 month ago

If we are superior then we should be the Lords and masters of such an inept race of people. This is what they’re teaching ? Why should people that still need constant hand outs be charge of anything. And frankly boohooooboohooo. I’d walk out and get a refund.

1 month ago

I did rather have root canal work than sit through this kind of bs or listen to 60 hours or iron butterfly when having molten iron poured on my feet. All while being forced to watch Austin do a strip tease.

These DEI types are the real racists. These all need to be be given parachuting tips at 15,000 feet over the Pacific.