Study: Diversify the Rust Belt – America Never Had “Cultural Traditions…to Begin With”


The Hill reported on a new study that found there isn’t enough diversity in the Rust Belt cities. The author says it indicates “a stagnant population growth and a legacy of racist laws, some overturned almost 60 years ago, that echo in population trends to this day.” The author of the study claims diversification isn’t a threat to America that never really had any cultural traditions…to begin with.” This is what the author believes America needs for democracy.

So, there you have it. When Democrats talk about Democracy, they mean diversification. They know it will change America but, in their mind, America never had any traditions anyway.

To break it down further, if you have too many white people, they’re racist. What they should say is rust belt whites will too often vote for Republicans. That is what Democrats care about. It’s not even clear that they want the US to be the US any longer. They seem to prefer foreigners.

Expect a lot of illegal immigrants in the Rust Belt soon.

Everything is about race for Democrats. It serves them well.


“Northern cities, especially in the Rust Belt and the Northeast, remain the most racially segregated, according to data compiled by William Frey, a senior demographer at the Brookings Institution, while Western and Sun Belt cities are the least segregated,” the article states.

“Milwaukee is the most racially divided city in America, Frey’s research shows. The city earned a segregation score of 78 out of 100. That means 78 percent of the city’s African American and white populations would have to move to be distributed equally across neighborhoods.

“New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and St. Louis all showed segregation scores higher than 70. Buffalo, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh rounded out the top ten cities most segregated.”

The author writes that “Sun Belt cities with historically large Hispanic or Latino populations are also among the most divided. Los Angeles is the most segregated American city between whites and Hispanics, and Miami lands at number five on the list.”

Naturally, the suggestion is the Rust Belt residents are racist:

“The scores are a sign that minority populations, relegated long ago to certain neighborhoods by racist “red-lining” practices and laws, are still highly concentrated in those areas. Frey said many Northern and Rust Belt cities have stagnated or lost population since those practices were outlawed in 1968, meaning the populations that remain are largely older and more likely to stay in their existing homes.


In Conclusion:

“There’s a new geography of diversity,” the author writes. In the next line he says, “rather than thinking about it as something that is threatening or problematic, we need to be considering what’s enabling this…” The author wants to “harness the potential of regional diversity as a way of strengthening democracy. As opposed to thinking it’s some sort of challenge to cultural traditions that never really existed to begin with.”

America had no cultural traditions to begin with? That sounds rather Stalinist. He’s dismissive of America’s Founding and core beliefs. The country was founded on a Judeo-Christian philosophy and it served us well.

They really just want people who will vote for Democrats for generations, and the new geography is manipulated by Democrats. It is the reason they are shipping in illegal aliens who will be indebted to them.

It has nothing to do with democracy.

We have plenty of diversity but we mostly have illegal immigration with no assimilation. That was done for votes and power.

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