Study: Unattractive People Will Wear Masks Post-COVID


It’s official, according to a university study, unattractive people are more likely to keep wearing face masks in the post-Covid era. They think the mask makes them look better. A paper bag over a head can do that too.

People who consider themselves attractive are less likely to wear face masks.

Researchers conducted three questionnaires asking people about self-perceived attractiveness and mask-wearing intentions in various scenarios.

They concluded that young and middle-aged Americans who view themselves as attractive believe wearing a mask takes away from their looks.

On the other hand, people who do not view themselves as attractive buy into the “mask attractiveness belief.”

It comes after a major analysis found face masks made “little to no difference” to Covid infection or death rates.

Initially used for anti-viral protection, the face mask has become one of the symbols of a nasty culture war in the US.

There has never been great evidence showing that masks effectively prevent infections on a large scale, but that has not stopped officials from mandating them across the country.

With the US failing at every level under Dementia Joe and progressive democrats, this ugly people wearing masks issue is number one for no one ever.

We have some studies linked here that show masks don’t work.

Don’t underestimate ugly people with or without masks!

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1 month ago

I’m currently traveling through the Southern tier states and find mask wearing most prevalent among our black and brown citizens. The preponderance of mask wearers do so incorrectly, covering only their pie holes or chins. The mask is the socialist version of the red MAGA hat.


Nunya Bidness
Nunya Bidness
1 month ago
Reply to  MEL

Absolutely right. The only people I see wearing it now are black and brown people, (and the occasional elderly whitey.) Of course given the state and federal government’s treatment of them over the years, I wouldn’t believe a word they say either.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nunya Bidness
Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

Another point of evidence that our culture is a mess.
People value the wrong things.
Interesting how an enforced burka can gave so many excuses to support it.

1 month ago

When I was working in Saudi Arabia during Gulf War One, I asked a Saudi Woman why woman seem to like the Burka. She said it makes her equal to the prettier younger woman. I’m not surprised that so many woman wear a mask. I saw a similar trend in Japan back in the 1990s too.