Stunning 83% of Americans agree on fake news


Rasmussen Reports found 58 percent of likely voters agree “the media are truly the enemy of the people.”

The other 42% live under rocks.


The poll asked, “Do you agree or disagree with this statement: The media ‘are truly the enemy of the people?’”

Thirty-four percent strongly agreed, 24 percent somewhat agreed, 13 percent somewhat disagreed, and 23 percent strongly disagreed.

That means 23% strongly disagree.

Those people never come out from under the rocks.

Additionally, 76 percent of Republicans say the media is our enemy, along with 37 percent of Democrats.

“Do you trust the political news you are getting?” Only 37 percent said yes, while a plurality of 43 percent said no. Only 20 percent were not sure.

Who are these ‘not sure’ people?

Only 26 percent of Republicans said they trust the news media. And, while 56 percent of Democrats said they trust the media, it is not a rollicking great number considering the media is feeding them everything they want to hear 24/7.


Another eighty-three percent (83%) of voters now think “fake news” is a serious problem in the media.

When asked if the fake news problem is serious, 83% said very or somewhat. Now, some of those are Democrats who don’t trust any right-wing media, but the overall number is stunning.

You don’t see 83% of Americans agreeing on anything.

The media has earned the distrust.

A few of the fake conspiracies might have affected the poll:

  • Russiagate,
  • Trump is Putin’s puppet,
  • the dossier,
  • Ukraine,
  • Eric Ciaramella was a whistleblower,
  • the border is more secure than ever,
  • Republicans defunded the police,
  • non-stop Trump hate,
  • firing Comey was obstruction of justice,
  • Kavanaugh hate,
  • Avenatti love,
  • Joy Reid insanity,
  • Antifa as today’s WWII heroes,
  • January 6 worse than 9/11, the Civil War, and everything bad that ever happened in the USA,
  • the China Virus as racism,
  • COV as occurring naturally,
  • Biden as a superhero bicyclist and speedy Tesla driver,
  • mostly peaceful riots,
  • Hands Up Don’t Shoot,
  • xenophobia if you stop China from importing coronavirus via their citizens,
  • The Iranian SRBMs purposely missed their targets,
  • Al-Baghdadi was an austere religious scholar,
  • Trump has to be impeached immediately,
  • 1-6 was an insurrection (with flagpoles and no guns, even though we need F-15s and nukes to defeat Joe,
  • voter ID is racist,
  • Lafayette Square Park evacuation was for a Trump photo-op,
  • no one is teaching CRT,
  • 1619 is real history,
  • HR1 is to protect the vote,
  • Hunter Biden and his laptop,
  • the serial killer of the elderly Cuomo did the best job ever with COV,
  • Parler caused the 1-6 riot,
  • Hillary really won the 2016 election
  • and I could go on.

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