Stunning, Shocking, Unbelievable Grifters of the Afghan War – why we stayed


The grifters of the Afghan War are described in stunning fashion on Breaking Points. They explain with evidence why we stayed in Afghanistan for twenty years — follow the money. It’s unbelievable and it’s a must-watch.

Although the former Afghan President Ghani denies it, it is believed that he escaped with $169 million in cash. The defense contractors allegedly took advantage. About 80 to 90% of the trillions spent in Afghanistan went to contractors and back to the US — Beltway grift.

They believe this is why there was so much anger when the US tried to pull out of the country.

About 300 million dollars went to ‘ghost’ soldiers while real soldiers went without pay for months. The money for the ghost soldiers went to commanders and their personal luxuries.

The US spent $43 million on an Afghanistan gas station, about 40 times what it normally costs.

The Taliban moved quickly because they used the roads we built, but at least that money went to something.

We only trained about one-sixth of the alleged 300,000 soldiers.

While we built some schools, we built few, and not that many girls were enrolled.

One of the wealthiest people in Afghanistan was an interpreter overcharging the US.

A US colonel told the host the Afghans kept running out of gas. The fact is they never used it. They were requisitioning it to sell it on the black market. The Afghan government was very corrupt.

There’s more — watch:

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