This is what it takes to get out of Afghanistan


This is what it takes to get out of Afghanistan, something Joe Biden and his handlers apparently didn’t know. It is heartbreaking.


Ric Grennell explains the warnings that the Biden administration missed.


Biden in an interview with The Washington Examiner with ABC News on Wednesday dismissed “the idea that somehow, there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing,” saying, “I don’t know how that happens.” He noted that Susan Rice and Ron Klain had a big role in this disaster.

Grenell told the Examiner: “Look, this is a group of people that gave us Syria, that gave us Libya. Disaster upon disaster, and only in Washington, D.C. do you get to fail and then get a bigger job. In the real world outside of Washington, D.C., when you fail, when you make a misstep, when you don’t do your job, you actually get fired, you don’t get promoted. But in Washington, D.C., we have this culture where you fail up, and I think the American people see it.”

He added later, “the more details we find out about what’s been happening, the more infuriated I get. I spent more than 10 years at the State Department, I know foreign service officers who are very concerned, I’ve been hearing from many of them who cannot understand why there’s no talking points, why there’s no strategy, why they are left in the dark.”

Grenell said, “this is a disaster,” and said Secretary of State Tony Blinken “has an obligation to the embassy staff to get them out of harm’s way. We knew that we were going to be leaving Afghanistan, how is it that so many Americans were still there when, all of a sudden, the Taliban were taking over.”

He added, “this is a bureaucratic nightmare, this is a failure on multiple levels of leadership. I think that we need to demand, not only that we fix this situation, but that we hold them accountable for lack of leadership. He holds them accountable and people need to be fired, people need to be replaced. Not because we want to see people fired, but because we want to know that this will never happen again.”


Grenell also made note of the fact that the Biden administration outed our intelligence officials.

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1 year ago

Interesting the Bombardier E-11A is circling Bagram. I’d say it’s a little late now.

1 year ago

The Peter Principle is alive and well in DC.

It is the ramifications in the aftermath of Libya and Syria that most of Europe is facing with murders, wholesale rapes and a host of other crimes. And now we are bringing the same thing here.

End Game Is Now
End Game Is Now
1 year ago

It is all intentional, they want failed state status and the UN to come in especially with the armed forces weakened to the point of cakewalk.
Fundamental Transformation didn’t say anything about an improvement.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

It was intentional, it was too obvious to not be, and it was too damaging to America to not be.

Rice and Klain are great saboteurs of America. They are known corrupt people, as are people in DOD, State, Intel. That’s the story.

The idea that this was stupidity and mistakes is merely more manipulation of the public. It’s like saying Trump is a Russian agent, or that the virus did not come from the Wuhan lab. It’s another big lie.