Battle is on to get all the indoctrination material at one RI school system


Nicole Solas has tried to get public records from the South Kensington Schools to find out if they are teaching her child the anti-American ideologies “of antiracism, gender theory, transgenderism, and Critical Race Theory,” reports.

The district would not give her the records although required by law and threatened to sue her.


In April, Solas emailed the principal requesting to see the school curriculum, as well as other materials. She wanted “past and present lesson plans that incorporate or promote the ideologies of antiracism, gender theory, transgenderism, and Critical Race Theory.”

The principal asked Solas to submit a formal request under the state’s Access to Public Records Act (APRA).

Mrs. Solas and her husband submitted 200 and 100 requests respectively.

The school wouldn’t respond to any of them.

Public schools in this country are in the hands of communist-controlled teacher unions. CRT is – communism.

On Aug. 2, the National Education Association Rhode Island teachers filed suit in Superior Court. They are seeking an injunction to prevent some materials from being released to Solas.

“I was doing what my school district told me to do when I had questions about whether critical race theory and gender theory were being taught in the school district,” Solas told Target 12. “The NEA should be ashamed that they’re targeting parents who want to know what their children are being taught.”

Intimidation Follows

The South Kingstown school district released a portion of the materials sought by Solas on July 13. They released roughly 6,500 pages of documents. The district requested $74,000 to give Solas everything she has requested. Solas told Target 12 she has paid $1,600 so far.

That’s an absurd amount of money.

The union then sued to stop the release of some material and named her in the suit.

The union claims some of the materials should not be released. they said that even though the lawsuit names Solas as well as her husband, the central focus of the litigation is about stopping the school committee from releasing certain information.

That appears to be a crock. They likely meant to intimidate her and the materials are not confidential. I worked in a school for 33 years. You can’t keep that information secret.

They Didn’t Mean to Sue Her

The union said they had to name her but aren’t really suing her.

When Target 12 asked Solas if she would request to be removed from the lawsuit, she said she would not reveal her legal strategy. And she said she “absolutely” felt targeted by the suit regardless of the union’s comments.

“You don’t name someone as a defendant in litigation, and then remove them the next day as a way to say, ‘We didn’t mean to bully you,’” she said.

The union claims they had to name her as an interested party.

When Target 12 asked Solas about this law, she replied, “I guess we’ll have to see how that plays out in court.” Solas said the Goldwater Institute, a conservative public policy think tank, is representing her pro bono.

Her lawyers filed a response to the NEARI’s lawsuit on Wednesday, arguing the request for an injunction is invalid and should be thrown out.

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