Stunning single day of apprehensions in only one location


In a single day, at only one location, agents caught 1,000 illegal aliens, who we now call migrants as Democrats demand. There are many more who are not caught.

For three months in a row, we had nearly 200,000 anonymous people from all over the world pour into the country. Many more got in and they bypassed the agents. They could be Biden’s drug cartels.

A single-day on Thursday ended with the arrest of more than 1,000 migrants. The apprehensions came during the interdiction of 27 smuggling attempts in addition to arrests along the border.

Skero tweeted Friday, “Yesterday alone, our agents apprehended over 1,000 migrants, a new daily high for Del Rio Sector. Our agents and partners continue to do an impressive job addressing this dynamic situation, stopping 27 smuggling attempts and 3 convicted sex offenders over the past 48 hours.”

Almost all of these people will be released and sent throughout the country at US taxpayer expense.

They are replacements for the American people. They are not coming for our values since they don’t know what they are and they are coming in too fast to assimilate.

Many who are caught are young men — the perfect gang age.

Biden is violating Federal law but we aren’t hearing much about that. Our leaders don’t care.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

More undocumented democrats for the polls. Their scheme is working.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

Beijing Joe has to ensure that the Republic is “castrated” before the 2022 reckonings…really believe anyone will actually see a “fair election” in the USA ever again…after the 2020 debacle???

Aspie Tard
Aspie Tard
2 years ago

They are doing it well and should be thanked.
Will CCP Joe fire them all?
Not washing the feet of future lifetime CPUSA dependents will make the blue collar worked in government for 50 years Scranton Joe unhappy.
Just read about his attempt to force the resignation of Micheal Savage from the Presidio board.

O/T-This just in from Vladdy Putin-If you try to bite Russia, we’ll kick out your teeth.
Translation-get some faculty lounge and rump ranger battalions.
The swamp is not America and it has to go or there is no republic.