Stunning Sky News Au Documentary: What Really Happened in Wuhan


This Sky News Australia special investigation into the origins of COVID-19 reveals what really happened in Wuhan in the early days of the pandemic. It includes interviews with Donald Trump, John Ratcliffe, and Mike Pompeo, a CCP defector, a former MI6 head, and scientists. It’s excellent!

Defector Wei Jingsheng, the father of China’s democracy movement, was told by his contacts in China about the virus in October 2019. He believed the CCP would take the opportunity of the military games to spread this new virus.

RATG13 is one coronavirus that Wuhan lab extracted from the distant caves and it matches COVID-19 by 96%. Wuhan had plenty of bats in their lab.

Pompeo said the cumulative evidence points to Wuhan as the source of the virus. Ratcliffe does not believe the CCP would have hidden the origins if it merely happened accidentally in a wet market. His evidence suggests the problem was the Wuhan lab. Three people were sick in Wuhan’s lab in October 2019 although the virus was not made publicly known until late December 2019.

Wei Jingsheng said this regime is not only capable of spreading this virus, but they would do it with pride.

Early on, the CCP took all the coronavirus samples offline. And they upgraded their systems in September 2019. Pompei saw evidence of the virus in July and August 2019.

An Australian scientist was startled there was no animal spreading it so where did it come from? One possibility is it came from a lab.

There was tremendous censorship and pressure to NOT connect the CCP to this virus. Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, was put under pressure to stop talking about the connection.

“There was a united front to not put anything in the public domain that questioned the Chinese narrative,” Dearlove said. He was the first to come out and he was told it is conspiracy theory but he was looking at the science. He told people to look into it more deeply. Dearlove was told to shut up.

There is so much more!


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2 years ago

It is clear the the Communist Chinese Government released SARS-Cov-2 on the World to disrupt the US Economy. Disrupting the World economy was just collateral damage. They knew the Democrats were working on a plan to Steal the Election, but the CCP also knew that it would take a total disruption of the US Economy for the Democrats to have any chance of defeating President Trump. This was an Act of War on America. It was a very high stakes game. If Trump had won, he would have unleashed the full economic might of the US on the Chinese and sent their economy into a tail spin. Milley wasn’t worried about Trump, he was worried about China going nuclear on the US when they saw their economy collapsing. Trump was clearly winning in the fall of 2020. American Industry, especially Big Tech was also worried about a Trump Economic retaliation because it would cost Industry Billions to retool in the US to replace Chinese Production. America’s Industry has gone Globalist because the money people have become accustom to Chinese cheap slave labor. The cost to retool would have been even greater in Europe. Having to retool in the US would have cost Billions, but America would again be the World manufacturing giant with a growing middle class. The Middle Class votes Republican, so the Democrats could not allow that. The Globalist poured Millions into the effort because if President Trump had another term, Globalism would be dead. We are in a Bio-Chemical War with the Chinese and it’s just as deadly as any conventional shooting war. The US Military should actually be at DEFCON 1. Traitor Joe is totally compromised and will not do a thing to keep the Communist Chinese in Check. He may even admire them! The Democrat Party is not working in the interest of America. If the Democrat House does not Impeach Traitor Joe, they are nothing more than co-conspirators. The Senate must convict or they too are derelict in their duty to The People.

Potpurri Scented Coexist Sticker
Potpurri Scented Coexist Sticker
2 years ago

But, but, muh CCP loves me?
They are humanitarian comrades only out for equality of results for all.
The command and control centralized communist utopia with a kindler gentler made in China boot to the face…yes we can!
Esteemed CPUSA party member comrade Uncle Joe says they are not adversaries and are good people, it must be true. (darr, drool, derp)