Stupendously Annoying Hack Juan Williams Credits Obama with the Economy


Juan Williams is so far-left and such a hack that he cannot give the President any credit for the economic growth. He credited [the unspectacular performance by] Barack Obama with the economic growth.

Williams is holding on to the now-old saw that the recession under Obama was the worst recession since the Great Depression. It never was but even if it were, why couldn’t Obama get to 3 percent GDP, unlike every other modern day President who also suffered through recessions?

We know why — his regulations, taxes, and no-growth policies.

The Fox commentator likes to quote economists like David Krugman who are always spectacularly wrong.

The left, including Juan, are absurdly claiming the growth will be very short-lived because it’s all about the soybeans.

The EU said they’d buy more soybeans. It’s ridiculous on the face of it, but the entire media, except Fox, is reporting it — they all got the memo.

Rush Limbaugh had his say about the soybeans:

Yet it was pretty much assured that it was gonna happen based simply on Trump’s policies. The tax cuts, the deregulation, freeing up of money. The ability to use it for expansion and growth, wages increasing. I mean, the ideas that we’ve all believed in to cause the economy to grow work! They worked with Ronaldus Magnus, and they’re working with Trump. The left doesn’t want anybody to think this stuff works. So now the left…

You know what the left’s excuse for the GDP being 4% is? Soybeans! Yeah. That’s right. It’s just a one-time thing. It’s because Trump sold so many soybeans to the European Union and to the ChiComs. That’s all it is. It’s unsustainable.

The experts are telling us this can’t continue, it won’t go on — and yet it can get better. It is sustainable and it can continue to grow. The Democrat Party is gonna do everything it can to retard that growth. The Democrat Party’s gonna do everything it can to slow down this economy for the purposes of their winning elections.

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