Subpoenas are coming over 2020 election corruption


Arizona and Georgia appear to have evidence of election corruption coming. There will be subpoenas.

Peter Navarro said it is not just about Donald Trump. He said it was also about the two Senate seats in Georgia. He believes strongly that Purdue’s seat was definitely stolen.

In Georgia, the illegal consent decree the Secretary of State worked out with Stacey Abrams is illegal and suspect. Georgia went from a 6% rejection rate to 0% even as the number of ballots were tripled.

Remember when Americans laughed at Afghanistan over their elections? Afghanistan electioneers look like choir boys.




  1. We are 6 months into the Traitor Joe Administration. There has been no accomplishments, but failure after failure. The Traitor Joe Administration is now trying to Identify the 75,000,000 who voted against them and declare them “Enemies of the State”. Independent Thinking Americans now know the 2020 Election was stolen. They know the Traitor Joe Administration is now perpetrating the second biggest Hoax in American History after only the Covid Hoax. The Wheels of Justice are slow, but we are about to learn the truth.

    When Thailand had a corrupt Leader, Thaksin Shinawatra, there was a military coup and he was told that if he returned to Thailand he would be arrested. His Party was disbanded and major players in the Party went to jail. Thaksin’s Sister, Yingluck Shinawatra, was elected Prime Minister a few years later and was also convicted of corruption and now lives in exile to avoid prison too. Once the evidence of the Stolen Election is clear beyond a reasonable doubt, everyone at the top of the Democrat Party needs to be brought to just. We must disband the Democrat Party and anyone who was a registered Democrat on 3 November 2020 forward MUST be banned from holding any public office or Management Position in Government for at least 10 years. There must be a Snap Election. When a Partly is systemically corrupt it must be purged completely from any Political Power. If not we are likely to suffer the fate of Thailand with a constant string of military governments which now goes back 15 years. The New President should have Emergency Powers to purge the Government of Democrats and Communist in order to correct the mess created by Corrupt Communist Democrats until the 2024 election. There must be serious consequences when a Communist Oligarchy attempts to take over our Capitalist Republic!

    We are seeing things like 51 Democrat Legislators from Texas preventing the Legislature from doing business, the exact same thing Nation Democrats accused the people of on 6 January. These are not The People protesting Government corruption, these are Elected Democrats who are involved in a Conspiracy and performing an Act of Sedition. Their Act of Sedition is to try and stop the State of Texas from ensuring future elections are free from Fraud. ALL these Democrats should be arrested, stripped of their Office, tried for Sedition under the State Law in Texas, which is up to 20 years in Prison, and a snap election held to replace them. To move things along Gov. Abbott should offer a Pardon to the number of Democrats needed for a quorum on a first come basis. We must stop the completely insane Democrats in America who are hell bent on the destruction of Government and the reasonable Law and Order overwhelmingly wanted by The People. The Democrat Party is now under the control of lunatics and puppets making them a Clear and Present Danger to America. We have moved beyond a Cultural Cold War and must bring Communist Democrats to Justice by whatever means necessary. Preferably jailing them and throwing away the key. Last year, we endured months of Terrorism by Democrat operatives which paralyzed the Courts with fear if they acted after the Election. NO MORE! Riots and Acts of Terror can’t be tolerated in America. The Constitution is not a death pact, it says nothing about protecting Rioters and Terrorist; or Acts of Sedition by Politicians.

    • There is a ‘fair’ contingency of RINOS that support their cause ‘carte blanche’….the destruction of the Republic, interrupted by the election of D. J. Trump, has resumed with a vengeance….the perpetrators have four ‘lost’ years to make up for…

  2. Strange that you would insert the eerily-similar takeover of Thailand, as an example.

    Because they were unable to defeat Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s massively popular government via the election process, while he was on a state visit to America, Thailand’s Deep State:– its “Yellow-Shirt” Bangkok Bidens;– staged a sovereign-criminal-military-backed coup-d’etat against Thailand’s Government: installed themselves as an effective dictatorship — and warned Prime Minister Thaksin that should he return to Thailand, he would be arrested.

    But that was then. And now around sixty-plus-million of Thailand’s plus-or-minus seventy millions would all sell their mothers to rid themselves of the sovereign-criminal Bangkok Bidens and to bring back Thailand’s Donald Trump: Khun Thaksin.

    And to reinstate both Prime Minister Thaksin’s freely-and-fairly-elected Government — and the Thai Nation’s nascent democracy.

    Ring a bell?

  3. I’ll not get my hopes up until I see some of these corrupt people perp walked and convicted. The stench of this past election runs deep and long.

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