Admin to go after conservs and influencers on social media for radicalizing 1-6 rioters


Jack Posobiec, a senior reporter for Human Events, reported that the Biden administration is expanding the assault on Trump supporters. Biden’s handlers are keeping a database, a list, of so-called January 6th defendants to include social media influencers.

Stalin kept lists too.

This is very believable with this administration. The Left is using 1-6 as an excuse to brutally clamp down on Trump supporters and conservatives in general. They aim to completely silence the opposition.

The Biden database, the List, includes memes from innocent people who are merely funny at the expense of leftists. Memes are very effective. It’s also clear that the Left can’t do good memes.

Posobiec wrote on Twitter: The Biden Admin is now planning to release a list of conservative social media influencers that were followed by J6 defendants that questioned the integrity of the 2020 election. The list also includes members of Congress, per WH official.

The database they are reportedly building partly consists of Pepe, Soy Boy & Carpe Donktum Memes, he continued.

Posobiec said, WH Comment: “They’re using any bit of material they can online or otherwise to use as ‘proof of radicalization.’ Printed pages of Telegram & Discord conversations numbering in the thousands, YouTube comments…whatever, look for this in early Sept.”

“Wray is pushing it. Garland wants to focus on guns and hate crime, but Ron K, Jill, Chuck, and Nancy want him to take care of ‘Trump Terrorists’ behind J6. Biden going along with it for now,” he concluded.

Christopher Wray is a modern-day Lavrentiy Beria. Find me the man, I’ll find you the crime.

Biden is going along with it because he doesn’t even know what’s going on, in our humble opinion.


Thanks to people like Julie Kelly at American Greatness, we know that the January 6th rioters and trespassers are deprived of due process rights and being kept in prison under austere conditions.

The 1-6 riot/rally is being portrayed as something it was not and far more serious than it was. It has been described as worse than 9/11, WWII, and the Civil War, which is utter nonsense.

As an aside, the Facebook page the Sentinel posted on, Capitalism, with just under one million ‘likes’ and one million ‘followers,’ was canceled and it was full of memes. We were probably taken down on Election Day because of the memes that allegedly went against their community standards. They were very funny, and effective. The Left wants to make sure the Right doesn’t have any more opportunities to reach people in this way.

Are they going to do this for people who influence Antifa and Black Lives Matter — two communist organizations???

The administration also plans to go after all social media and text messages they don’t like.  At least that’s the plan under consideration.

They are also using corporatist allies on social media and the DoJ to encourage people to rat on family and friends.

How is this not Stalinism? The fiats keep coming down. We are in serious trouble. We need to verify this story as soon as possible.

We saw this first on Liberty Daily.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

In the Stalinist era this was referred to as “pogroms” in the Union of Socialzed Soviet Republics …”Lest we forget.”

2 years ago

For the first time today I read an article from Human Events. Seldom do I visit a site that is blank until scripts are allowed. Since this one was about CPAC I decided to go ahead. At the end I find out it was written by an “English Professor”. Why is it so many writers just can’t get to the point of the subject matter. I could care less what the man had to drink at different times. It read more like some article in a high school paper. Nothing is more irritating than an article filled with superficial or superfluous nonsense. I was expecting a critique of CPAC, but was left with little substance.

As far as CPAC, why was Glenn Beck given an entire hour. I watched a few minutes and just kept scrolling through trying to find the end, and it was an hour later. I wouldn’t trust one thing he says when it comes to history. Some years back he was pushing some book of history which was replete with misrepresentations and outright lies. Do people believe Beck because he uses a chalkboard. That seems to be the case. It’s also why I’ll never visit his site, The Blaze.

By the way, what kind of person keeps an Oval Office replica to speak from.

2 years ago

This may be the first time in the History of America that a Political Party is using the power of the Federal Government to go after the Voters who voted against them. Democrats can’t allow free and fair elections because they will lose by one of the worst landslides in American History.

2 years ago

I wouldn’t be surprised if they took their cue from the UK, with their Twitter police, going to people’s homes with some post in hand confronting the writer. Within the past six months alone we have nothing to complain about countries like Russia, and maybe even Iran.