Suicidal Fox News continues its dramatic ratings dive


Since the election, viewers have been leaving Fox News for Newsmax, OANN, and streamed shows. Fox has been on a long suicide mission as they increasingly worked against President Trump’s agenda and became more WOKE. Viewers aren’t that quick to forgive them and found homes with other networks. Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, and other popular voices said Fox no longer had anything to offer.

On the other end, FNC has Soros, Media Matters, and other leftists scaring their advertisers away.

Fox made some enemies when they refused to call Florida and Texas on the election night when it was obviously in Trump’s column but managed to call Arizona before 1% of the votes were tallied.

They hired a far-left person to call the states. They also hired Donna Brazile as the acting news boss. It wasn’t bad enough that they put Paul Ryan on the Board. FNC had many Democrat commenters on, and most were there to spin, not to answer a single question. Regular far-left Democrats like Juan were usually muted by viewers.

The anti-President Trump comments seeped into every show except the night commentaries, for the most part. The weekend news was unwatchable for most Trump supporters. Fox was accused of making a concerted effort to help the Left defeat Donald Trump.

Some of the hosts, like Neil Cavuto and Leland Vittert, were nasty to Trump aides and others on the Right. Cavuto shut the mics on people like Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, and Kayleigh McEnany, the popular press secretary. Newt Gingrich was trashed by Outnumbered, and Sandra Smith was out making faces at Trump aides.

Most of Fox’s viewers are Republicans, Libertarians, and Conservatives. They support Trump because he was fighting the onslaught of totalitarianism.

Fox is no longer investigating stories, and they often regurgitate the MSM fake news stories. They avoid controversial topics during the day.

They must be feeling the heat since they demoted Martha MacCallum who does straight news and will put a conservative commentator in her slot at 7 pm. She does share that slot with Lou Dobbs at Fox Business.

That hasn’t been the only problem. Some viewers have obviously gone to the left-wing hate networks, especially the youth. MSNBC is the most hateful and dishonest, but CNN is right up there.

With Donald Trump gone, we might see these networks all lose viewers. However, the Leftist networks have found a new bogeyman — the Trump supporter. Perhaps they can substitute the Right for Trump, drumming up the same level of hate and viewership. They’re calling Trump supporters ‘terrorists,’ and they’re calling ‘patriots’ ‘terrorists’ for starters.

Those networks plan to make the Right so despicable, so dehumanized that they can say any vile thing they want.

Fox News isn’t as interesting as it was which is another problem.

Tuesday night total viewers:

The 25-54 age group was abysmal:

Here’s Monday:

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