Suicidal US faces possible cultural changes, terrorism under Biden Dems


We now face cultural changes, dual governments, and terrorism on US soil as thousands of Afghans enter the US, but Democrats want them here. There was no concerted plan in Afghanistan to take out Americans and Afghans who helped Americans, just anonymous Afghans from a violent nation where 39% believe in suicidal bombings (Pew Research).

Two weeks ago, Joe Biden promised we would not leave Afghanistan while there still were Americans in the country. That has turned out to not be true.

We left behind a 3-year-old American boy and his family of permanent residents, 24 school children and their parents, and others. The Taliban is now going door-to-door killing people they said they would spare. They use the lists we left behind and the hard drives with biometric data to identify their targets. The US even left biometric scanners to help identify them.

Biden said the mission was an “extraordinary success,” when it was actually an abysmal failure because we left people behind.

Joshua Youssef of Help the Persecuted wrote on Twitter: Our own administration is working against us. I have been on calls all day and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “The State Department is not helping” or “the state department is thwarting our efforts” Lord, have mercy on our country!

We have heard that repeatedly and recorded the information from numerous sources.

Biden failed and will continue to destroy the nation but there are no immediate alternatives since clueless leftist Kamala Harris is next in line with Nancy Pelosi after her. Then the line of succession goes down the Cabinet.

Biden is also a failure by letting anonymous criminals, transnational gangs, and terrorists pour in through our southern border. Now he will let people who don’t share our values come into the USA without vetting when nations sharing their values should take them in.

The Biden administration now discusses sending ‘humanitarian’ aid to the Taliban. The UN will make that happen.

Don’t forget Biden recently said he wants school children to learn more about Islam.

Under Democrats, the US is suicidal.


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