Maybe When Biden and Blinken Vacationed Folks Believed Their Afghanistan Security Lies


Maybe When Biden and Blinken Vacationed Folks Believed Their Afghanistan Security Lies

How low can Biden, Blinken, and the other propagandists in this pitifully inept administration go?  Led by a delusional, old pol who continues to hope that corrupt media will cover his catastrophic blunders, this soulless crew follows his lead. That means blaming our own abandoned Americans “stranded”  in a terrorist hell hole for their current perilous circumstances.   

The problem with that is all those supposed “early warnings” Joe blustered about did not come even close to matching the many relatively recent rosy briefings given by him, Blinken, and the cabal of “woke generals”.   They all spewed the same talking points. There were months left before the Taliban stood a chance of taking control.  And Kabul definitely wouldn’t fall in a weekend.  Oopsie.

The suits, with their own special list of facts, all sounded so sure of themselves who could blame folks listening and watching for believing they had lots more time.  

But the final OK to stay may have come when people learned that both Biden and his Sec. of State both went on vacation.  Surely those two big-time players wouldn’t leave the field if there was anything horrific about to take place in Afghanistan.  

Wrong.  Not only were they vacationing when it hit the fan in Kabul but it took Joe days before returning to D.C.  

The other thing our now trapped countrymen and women may have believed to be true, but proven a lie, was Biden’s promise to George Stephanopoulos that troops would remain behind until every American was out of Afghanistan.  

How twisted is it to fault forgotten Americans for falling victim to perhaps one of the worst sets of foreign policy and military blunders in our history?  Very, very, twisted.  

Sadly we’ve come to expect nothing better from Biden and his buffoons. Besides maybe Joey and Tony are still pissed because they had to cut their vacations short.


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