Super Tuesday Results & What They’re All Saying


The stocks are up today — so far — probably with some measure of relief that the full-fledged communist didn’t win, although Biden isn’t much better. Biden is far-left. As of 11:30 am EST, the Dow was up to 576, the NASDAQ was 127 and the S&P 500 was up 47, and it’s going up rapidly.

Bernie Sanders is not far off in the delegate count from Joe Biden and the remaining states could be tough ones for Joe as he stammers and sputters his way through stump speeches. The Democrat media, however, says it will be almost impossible for Bernie to catch up at this point.

This is what the President is saying — without Warren, Bernie would have easily won Massachusetts and a number of other states:

Bloomberg is out which means his votes will go to Joe Biden. Warren is staying in for now and her votes would go to Bernie so you can be sure no one’s telling her to get out just yet. Even Warren has to know she has no chance. She couldn’t win her home state of Massachusetts, but she still has donations pouring in. Warren, the fake Indian, is a spoiler for Bernie, doing the DNC’s bidding, no doubt.


The NY Times is throwing their leftist weight behind Biden since they think he is more electable. Opinion columnist David Leonhardt says Dems have to vote for Joe:

“To be clear, I understand why many voters prefer Sanders over Biden. I see arguments in favor of each. But for Democrats who disagree with Sanders’s agenda or who worry he is a weaker general election candidate, there is now only one real alternative: Biden.”

The Times is fine with the communist, but they don’t feel he can win. Both candidates will further the far-left agenda.


Biden is senile or has brain damage from prior surgeries and brain issues. The Fox crew minimized it, but as Brit Hume said, he wonders how many think he’s senile or getting there. Of course, Chris Wallace [also known as ‘Chuck’ to Joe] and Juan Williams claimed ‘it’s just Joe.’ That’s what the MSM wants to sell us — he’s not senile, he’s just Joe.

Only the dumbest of dumnies would fall for that one. It’s sad what’s happening to Fox. They sound as dishonest as the rest of them.

Basically, they all agree the Democrats don’t care if he’s senile.


How often are we going to say Biden’s mind slips are just gaffes and not senility? In this clip, he mixes up his wife and sister:

And, no, the two women did NOT switch on him. His mind, such as it is, switched.

NPR Results as of Wednesday Morning:

This is where the popular vote stood as of 6:30 am on March 4 [via Politico, Biden has 453 delegates and Bernie has 382]:

This is the CBS delegate count as of 11:48 am:

Bernie’s staff said they were taken by surprise when the Democrat Party endorsements and support swung dramatically to Joe Biden on March 1-2. They shouldn’t have been surprised, although it was an early strike. Most thought the strike would take place at the convention, but a brokered convention will drive Bernie’s voters wild. Democrat leadership wants to avoid that.

Bernie supporters are angry and “#RiggedDNC” is trending. Democrats supporting Biden are angry with them and want them to shut up and vote for Joe.

Update: Biden won Maine, making it 10 states in his column.

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3 years ago
3 years ago

From now on I’m waiting to see the media say, “It’s just Trump” when he posts or says something.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Fox during the daytime is a cheer leader for the Democratic Party under the guise of being fair, minimizing a senile Biden for President is irrational and immoral.